Russia sends troops to put down deadly Kazakh uprising

1 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 10:20:04ID: rxbamn
Russia sends troops to put down deadly Kazakh uprising
2 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 13:20:43ID: hrhk9wb

Classic..... "foreign-trained terrorist"..... that is what they now call domestic civilians? Russian mafia forces are quick to kill and torture ANY former Soviet state civilians.It's what they do..... it's all they know .....

ID: hrhmzv7

It's because Russia never really changed when the Soviet Union fell. It's just something the west likes to say because it gives them a win. But it's quite obvious they haven't changed from their Soviet ambitions.

ID: hrhxrqv

Oh, they’ve changed. They remember what they lost rather than reveling in what they have as they did before 1989.

ID: hri51ou

They still love an autocracy. But now they also love money. As long as the money flows up.

Holy shit I forgot what country I was describing.

ID: hrihl3l

Cold War never ended

ID: hrin4yh

They have their dirty hands all over this. How did those random protesters get guns someone was just randomly handing out ?

3 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 12:36:36ID: hrhff2e

Who had this on their bingo card?

ID: hrhl7np

Russian imperialism ✅

ID: hri81vw

Always has been.

4 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 16:17:25ID: hri9o20

Watch out Azerbaijan. Armenia and Kazakh have Russian troops now, you are next.

Putin is getting the band back together, one Reichstag fire at a time.

ID: hrikhbf

Don't forget the troops still in Georgia and the "vacationers" in Ukraine

ID: hrj9uvg

Armenia requested Russian troops after getting their assess handed to them in the 2020 war with Azerbaijan.

5 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 12:39:59ID: hrhfrq5

A presidential residence and the mayor's office in the city were both ablaze

BASED. Fight hard against these fascists. Fight for freedom. The only terrorists are Putin and Nazarbayev.

Neighbour China called the events an internal matter for Kazakhstan.

Wow, I'm shocked that China is right on this.

ID: hrhm52u

Why would China dirty themselves if Russia will accomplish their political goals for them? I don't think China cares if they have a pro-Russian strong-man in power so long as its not a Democratic/Free country which can harbor dissidents.

ID: hri5azf

China is preoccupied rolling up the Pacific

ID: hri524d

Russia said this too however as Kazakh government technically requested assistance under the treaty. Chinas just saying it doesn’t matter what happens cause the call for Russian assistance was technically from the Kazakh government

ID: hrixoqt

Maybe the United States should request British and French and Dutch soldiers to pacify MAGA?

ID: hrik1zs

China doesn’t care, Kazakhstan is a small fry to them.

ID: hrivwxy

A great potential source of oil and gas that bypasses vulnerable sea routes tho. Theoretically speaking china can fulfill all their energy needs without civilian rationing just by buying from russia and central asia.

ID: hrj4jc4

An unstable Kazakhstan is also a boon for them, propaganda wise. It shows "what could happen" with a free, independent East Turkistan.

ID: hrj78r4

The Chinese involvement here is subtle in some ways, but has to do with their ban on cryptocurrency triggering an

, which impacted the the local KZ grids, adding directly to the very cause of the energy spike and the civil unrest:

Kazakhstan has been grappling with an overloaded energy grid as miners flock in from China, which cracked down on crypto earlier this year and banned crypto-based transactions in September.

And the volume of it is higher than you can imagine:

The Financial Times’ research also estimates that over 87,849 “power-intensive” mining rigs have made their way from China to Kazakhstan

The data FT was able to account for reflects 2 million documented machines which could be reliably traced from Chinese companies. Of those, 20% went to Kazakhstan.

Of course, there are vast fields of undocumented machines impacting the situation, because 10% of all cryptocurrency transactions stopped moving when the internet was disconnected from KZ.

6 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 11:21:26ID: hrh8f5g

Preparation for what will happen later this year in Ukraine. Putin does not require democracy to operate, and no amount of feelings and emotions can change that fact.

ID: hrhlaxo

Preparation for ww3*

ID: hribi88

Surely it will be MAD.

7 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 15:53:24ID: hri5unu

It's not just Russian troops.

As well as the Russians, the force would include troops from Belarus, Armenia, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, it said, without disclosing the overall size of the force. Reuters could not determine which operations the Russian forces took part in.

ID: hrifp2r

Ah, a "coalition of the willing", so to speak.

9 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 15:14:25ID: hrhzu3p

Putin is going to bankrupt Russia. Supporting civil wars on two fronts, facing sanctions, in the face of the world's declining need for their one product. It looks like flailing desperation.

ID: hri3fgs

There is a lot to gain by keeping Kazakhstan under it's thumb. There is no scenario where Russia would not intervene to help the corrupt government that are already on very good term with them. If things look bad they can always stand back and deal with whatever comes on top.

ID: hri5dhz

Oil money, That's what there is to gain. My thought is, the people aren't getting enough of it.

10 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 14:25:43ID: hrhspq0

Hahaha, oh man... then I wrote about a month ago, that Kremlin is preparing the restoration of the USSR, some dunderheads mocked me :DDD Now mark my words, Russia will launch a full-scale invasion in Ukraine, and simultaneously where will be gas supply outage to Europe, they will wreak a lot of damage to Europe, next will be the Baltic states, and the Caucasus (Georgia). Many underestimate how delusional Russia is and the threat it poses.

ID: hrhyzni

Europe didn’t have to rely on Russia for energy. They chose to.

ID: hriuqwg

If Russia paired a Ukraine invasion with cutting gas supplies, they may as well just send postcards to all the EU leaders saying "please intervene against me."

ID: hrj08b9

They will cut gas supply, because invasion will ensue sanctions, they will strike back, Kremlin will be like: "Oh, you are imposing the sanctions? Hmm... this is an economic war, then I will freeze you" And they will do It, this will be energy war, additionally, Putin and his cronies deem, that the EU is an amalgamation of a bunch of weaklings, and a divided, crumbling bureaucratic structure, and European society is plunged into conformism, they invested a huge amount of money, to bribe some of the "elites" among European politicians (especially in Germany), and to divide the EU / NATO unity, BTW, I am sure that the Kremlin will start blackmailing even with nuclear missiles, they are actually ready to wreak total chaos in Europe, when the European "elites", and its society are not ready for the upcoming "surprises".

ID: hrhyn6t

The Russians aren’t delusional, they’re calculating. I don’t think Putin was eager to go into Kazakhstan right now. I’d be surprised if he was really eager to engage in an all out invasion of Ukraine at the same time. My suspicion is his hand was forced and this is an attempt to stem the slide.

But no one in these comments is going to have a genuine role in any decisions so it’s all guessing. We’ll see which of us amateurs gets lucky in our predictions.

ID: hri5n29

Believe me, I have an insight on the matter, and indeed, Putan is morbidly eager about the recent events, Russians were preparing an invasion in Kazakhstan as well, recently they began to drive a propaganda machine, the main message was and is that Kazakhstan is a "fake" state, that the lands of Northern Kazakhstan belong to Russia (about 20% of the population of Kazakhstan are ethnic Russians, and most of them live in Northern Kazakhstan)

ID: hri0p0k

Putin is an opportunistic leader, which is really what the KGB was all about.

Kazakhstan and Belarus almost joined with Russia and Ukraine in 1991 in a new Union state, but the coup attempt and attack on the White House ended that. Putting back those pieces of the Russian Empire is still on his and his sycophants' mind.

ID: hri8f5b

How was his hand forced into invading a sovereign nation? I don't think that word means what you think it means

13 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 18:22:33ID: hriu79s

We are very likely involved with training, outfitting, or planning this uprising. Don't get your shit twisted. The USA plays the same game as Russia and China. Our propaganda is just less overt.

ID: hrjupp3

Did it hurt pulling that out if your ass?

14 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 16:00:44ID: hri70np

'Shithole sends troops to another shithole'

15 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 19:00:18ID: hrj0d13

Defenders of democracy - unite!

17 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 20:57:45ID: hrjjmv5

Look at all the beautiful open windows on the 10th floor

18 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 10:25:50ID: hrh3wo2

So this is what happens when the US gets into diplomatic relations deliberately with Eastern European countries.

[Of course I'm going to get tank voted for saying America doesn't belong in Europe]

FYI: I don't care...

ID: hrh6ayz

How did America's diplomatic relationship cause this exactly?

ID: hrh6i4m

Everything is America’s fault, didn’t you know?!

ID: hrh7upa

because at around 0600 on the east coast of america is is still full on america sucks reddit.

bunch of dummies getting their US bashing in for the day before having to face their miserable existences in places that arent america

ID: hrh6mvr

Deliberately moving into buffer zone states including way back when at least until America set up a missile defense shield program in Southern and Eastern Europe under the guise of "NATO." Don't worry they don't teach these things about "Star Wars" and missile defense shields like this in US schools.

In fact they don't teach any of it do they? Not about SDI, not about the Ajax and Nike missile silos that existed in Greece right around then, nor why America actually moved all their bases to Turkey...

Seems like you have a lot of reading up to do.

ID: hrh74nn

Unrest there and Russia sending in troops is the fault is the us?

Interesting take, care to elaborate?

ID: hrh8jeo

This is a dumbass take. Do you even know anybody from khazakstan?

My friend is mainly worried about the country fractionalization. Many cops and military have stood down and he is worried about utilities and food disruption occurring akin to the lybian revolution.

Do you know anything about the president(oligarch) his syphoning billions from the people, jailing and killing all his political opponents?

Yea you don't know shit.

ID: hrhmbti

Sounds like Yugoslav Wars II Electric Boogaloo 🙁 Hope they can end up improving their lot and not with a pro-Putin strongman in charge.

ID: hrh8p7h

Do you know why else America would get involved in a relationship with a genocidal maniac like Nazarbayev? I happen to know a fair bit more about it than you think...

ID: hrhevwf

You think

is in Europe?

ID: hrhf8eg

That's not what I said. I said nothing about Kazakhstan is in Europe, but it certainly is within the political sphere OF Europe... Russia made it that way... There's no going back from that.

ID: hrhbl4v

Mentally ill redditor spotted.

ID: hrhdkkz

Government raises Fuel prices, People get up and protest the understanding is that this was just the catalyst as people expected Change and reforms after the government was changed in 19 but nothing changed the same dictator shit.

What has that to do with ANY other countries ?!?!?! the first and only Country now getting involved is Russia ...

and reading your comments History man you need help get a therapist and take a break from the Internet

ID: hrhdxg0

No... just no... why don't you start by even reading the Wikipedia article on US-Kazak bilateral relations... and before you ask... Even Obama went there. Even your government has a tax treaty with them for fuck sake.

ID: hrh811l

wow... just wow.

did you just decide to say only really stupid stuff today?

is that going to be your thing?

ID: hrh798b

"FYI: Deliberately ignorant."

ID: hrh7dpq

Not ignorant at all, you've just been brainwashed into McCarthyisms. How's that history about everyone in Hollywood potentially being a communist, and the bolshevik scare...

ID: hrhavo9

You seem to care a little bit.

ID: hribkbo

Oh, thank god some henchman showed up to make sure everyone knows that Russia can do no wrong because America still exists.