At least 7 historically Black colleges receive bomb threats

1 :Anonymous2022/01/07(Fri) 10:38:54ID: ry4m1a
At least 7 historically Black colleges receive bomb threats
2 :Anonymous2022/01/07(Fri) 12:28:22ID: hrmmn04

from the wapo:

In many cases, the threats arrived in the midst of winter break, or to campuses much emptier than usual as school officials sought to keep people safe amid the pandemic.

Both a relief and a statement on the criminal morons.

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I'm only partly relieved. When I first saw the headline, I wondered if it'd been in finals week (thus, more likely a hoax by a student to get out of an exam).

Either option would be dumb but one has a more sinister implication.

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Come on now, did you really think racists would know a school schedule?

ID: hrqxgjt

Yeah, and people still sell it as shocking and people still digest it. 34 here, speaking on behalf of 65. You're not experiencing anything new. It's just you. You wan't to believe everything is awful.

3 :Anonymous2022/01/07(Fri) 12:09:49ID: hrmkuuh

A headline you’d expect from the post-reconstruction era, not 2022.

ID: hrn5iqv

Actually, I fully expected to see this in 2022.

ID: hrr7p9f

Yes, we are regressing so fast it is heartbreaking.

ID: hrmvwt9

At this point I don't know what to expect anymore.

ID: hrnoax8

I thought this was a weekly event anyways

ID: hrn1yq3

expect racists to get more desperate as they become more irrelevant.

ID: hrowth4

Everything. I expect everything and anything to happen.

If I think of something and go "wow, that scenario is horrifying if it were to ever happen" I assume it's gonna be on the news within the month.

ID: hro7q4n

Reconstruction was so botched that it still is happening.

ID: hrobs77

Understanding this is key to comprehending race relations in the United States. Once one understands the abandoned effort to give freed blacks a place on society, the current racial situation becomes clear. I think the panic of 1873 was the final nail in that coffin, but that’s my own speculation.

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Not 2015, but sounds about right for 2022. The right worked really hard to get us here as a nation, we shouldn't pretend they didn't make "progress".

ID: hrowwij

They're progressive, just the kind of progressive that hurts a lot of people.

ID: hrnb4fx

BOOO NO SIR YOU GOT THAT ALL WRONG.,,OBAMA MY LITTLE LIB CUC....chuckle chuckle. Both sides...

/s. Obviously

Or is it:..

ID: hronlfs

No, I expect it to get worse then this in 2022.

ID: hrqgkp9

much much worse.

ID: hrmzcku

Yeah, racism was famously eradicated in the 1880s.

ID: hrmztg9

I absolutely know you're joking but to add onto this, the "eradication" of racism left alot of people pissed off. Not only are there still racists, but they've gotten alot smarter about it too.

ID: hrn2tam

Ain't that a fact but I'm not surprised by things anymore

ID: hrnap6e

Should we start calling this the post-post-reconstruction era?

ID: hrom9pj

Yo dude what happened to your avatar? They live, we sleep.

ID: hrpq6u4

It just disappeared one day.

ID: hrpyq9y

Reconstruction was an objective failure.

ID: hrnlvk1

Yeah that is fucking crazy. Imagine reading that a black man was assaulted, chemicals poured on him and then had a noose put around his neck.

ID: hrogw0f

Imagine if national legislation was literally passed using a case like that as justification and then it turned out the entire thing was a complete fabrication.

ID: hro45vn

After the Trump presidency, it’s definitely something I’d expect in 2022.

ID: hroegao

Genuine question, how can you say that when our current president and vp have literally helped put racist laws into place and has made numerous racist statements even as recent as when he was running for president?

ID: hrngucf

It’s time to re-evaluate your expectations of the US then.

ID: hrpgz5e

In most sister fucker states it’s still deep in the midst of reconstruction

ID: hrnr38w

Well, fake hate crimes are on the rise cuz the demand far outweights the actual supply. It makes completly sense for 2022.

ID: hro66a0

Oh good, another propagandized bot. I hope you find your way back to reality bud

4 :Anonymous2022/01/07(Fri) 13:59:13ID: hrmx5p9

Sounds like they were fake threats, no bombs were found and the University of Arkansas said the threats were unfounded.

Still messed up

ID: hrn45ep

Fake bomb threats are still a crime, especially if you're coordinating multiple threats across many states. That gets the FBI involved.


, for example. He's facing up to 10 years in federal prison plus up to $250k in fines for four interstate bomb threats.

Fake bomb threats are classic "Play stupid games ..." material.

ID: hrncz9t

Oh I don’t disagree, I was just pointing out they’re likely just full of hot air

ID: hrn6a8a

It is "asymmetric warfare". Using inexpensive tactics and tools to cause relatively large disruptions, damage, and demoralization.


ID: hrof0dm

Seriously, it must cost a fortune to mobilize for a bomb threat.

ID: hrn828x

They were real threats, in that threatening and terrifying black people is the purpose. If the purpose was to harm them, they wouldn't call in the threat at all.

ID: hrnsn3s

Not entirely, bomb threats are taken seriously because the tactic of calling in threats to lower casualties was actually used by groups like the IRA. Killing people isn't always the aim of terroristic groups sometimes it's just lots of property damage.

ID: hrnivl8

There were no bombs.

ID: hrmz59y

Yeah, I wonder if it's literally one person with some awful chip on their shoulder targeting colleges like this.

I read some of the other articles regarding the threats, seems like the person called each campus specifically. Couldn't find a timeline of when each university got their respective call, but the ones that did post the time seemed to be at different times of the day. They also must've done something to make the campuses take it pretty seriously. Maybe gave very specific details on how they'd pull it off, in a way that seemed feasible?

Regardless, scummy and spineless thing to do, just glad nothing came of it.

ID: hrobi6u

Could have all sorts of motivations. I can't imagine the sort of person to do this is smart enough to not get found sooner or later though.

ID: hrncuvu

I hate having this thought but I remember a few years back some black cadet (I think) had horrible things graffitied on his wall that launched an investigation that later revealed he did it himself or a more recent example being Jussie Smollett being exposed as staging his racist attack.

I don’t want to think it’s someone trying to stir up things with false racist outrage but that can’t be entirely removed either

6 :Anonymous2022/01/07(Fri) 12:05:11ID: hrmkfaq

Why are some people targeting colleges? What’s wrong with education? /s

ID: hrmyn5a

The sad fact is they actually do hate education. They love their phones, but hate the people who went to school and now make them.

ID: hrnfn9f

Ah yeah, because the kid in the slave camp in china who makes the bits that go in your phone is totally a university graduate. His manager will be though.

ID: hrmktwc

They are targeting black colleges.

ID: hrmlbtg

u got woooshed

7 :Anonymous2022/01/07(Fri) 18:10:31ID: hro18u8

We were home when my wife received an automated NCCU alert telling her there was a bomb threat and for all staff as well as students to leave campus. Then 3 more calls about where to evacuate to.

8 :Anonymous2022/01/08(Sat) 07:37:06ID: hrr3rbp

And yet being a KKK member isn’t illegal

10 :Anonymous2022/01/07(Fri) 14:24:54ID: hrn0okg

Someone check Jussie's phone.

ID: hrp3w2b

Find out where Kanye West was last night

11 :Anonymous2022/01/07(Fri) 13:32:49ID: hrmtri5

Feeling free to terrorize black institutions is apparently what they meant by MAGA. They've never stopped burning black churches.

ID: hrn1hj0

HBCUs, Planned Parenthood, pretty much anything that in their mind symbolizes the degradation of their sacred worldview

ID: hrpsr9z

AKA anything that gives autonomy and agency to a group besides straight, white, Christian men.

ID: hrnp2es

What they mean by MAGA is Mayberry. The whole movement is pretty openly about an idealized version of the past where there was a single objectively correct social order with straight, white men unquestioned at the top, and everyone knew and stayed in their place. And there are few lines they won’t feel justified crossing to get back to that because, again, they don’t just prefer it. They literally think it’s the correct way.

ID: hrqh94b

where they can use violence to get what they want, and the police will high five them, because they're the "in group".

ID: hro4eue

MAGA redcaps would continue burning crosses if they didn't think they would get caught on camera.

15 :Anonymous2022/01/07(Fri) 14:43:15ID: hrn3btx

I wonder if this is going to turn out just like Jussie Smollett.

ID: hrng8tg

The thousands upon thousands of documented cases of black people being victims of racism in the US in the past decade alone


one time one guy made up a hate crime.

You: “hmmmmm, I wonder this is another false flag attack.”

ID: hroimle

The majority have been hoaxes for quite a while now.

. That's why hoaxes are so serious – it undermines the severity of actual hate crimes and terrorist attacks. And that's why what Jussie did, and Kim Foxx's actions afterward to sweep it under the rug, are so repulsive.

ID: hrncfrf

Yeah, because Reich-wing racists don’t exist.

ID: hrnmvn1

Yes, I'm sure all 7 colleges colluded together to call in fake bomb threats to each other. Bad take.

ID: hrq22dr

You’re the one who said that, not me.

ID: hrnh19l

I guess even idiots are allowed to share their opinion...

ID: hrq1nbt

I’m just asking questions friend.

ID: hrn8cv5

Well, wonder no longer, we've got the answer for you.

It won't end up "just like Jussie Smollett"

ID: hrq3p4t

What about Bubba Wallace? You think it could be like that?

16 :Anonymous2022/01/07(Fri) 20:15:44ID: hrolt4j

Now tell me how many historically white colleges received bomb threats… then we will talk…. Fucking shit posters trying to racially decide the country.

17 :Anonymous2022/01/07(Fri) 16:35:16ID: hrnl7ee

Obviously it is from all those middle eastern terrorists!

18 :Anonymous2022/01/07(Fri) 18:08:11ID: hro0uyn

"It was not clear whether the threats were connected or if they were racially motivated, according to the Washington Post."


19 :Anonymous2022/01/07(Fri) 15:15:30ID: hrn87qi
ID: hrna23l

What are you talking about?

How often do you think colleges get bomb threats? Seven In a day is not normal, period.

A tiny fraction of colleges are historically black colleges. The odds just by chance of seven in the same day all being threatened is astronomically low.

This was almost certainly done by one person or group of people seeking to terrorize HBCUs.

ID: hrn9c27

Ah yes, it’s the headline stirring the racism, not the actual act itself. FYI, there are no historically white colleges.

ID: hrn9hyd

How common are bomb threats towards colleges?

ID: hrnfyrg

Quite. Ones with any weight are pretty rare but these aren't those.

ID: hrnc8dk

Why don't you look it up yourself and tell us?

20 :Anonymous2022/01/07(Fri) 14:52:44ID: hrn4r7i

Thank you Trump, Bannon, and Miller

21 :Anonymous2022/01/07(Fri) 18:10:53ID: hro1b1x

Boy the Republicans have really opened a can of worms huh?

23 :Anonymous2022/01/07(Fri) 14:02:02ID: hrmxj1b

This is an organized crime spree. Death threats to close the colleges.

ID: hrn7hio

I would say that’s jumping the gun, the story literally states that no connection has been made between the calls, and there hasn’t been any evidence that it was racially motivated.

ID: hrncaio

So it's just a coincidence then?

24 :Anonymous2022/01/07(Fri) 21:50:12ID: hrp0xoa

Here's hoping they round up whoever did this and give them federal hate crimes charges.

25 :Anonymous2022/01/07(Fri) 15:20:33ID: hrn8zl9
ID: hrnc86j

So you're joking, right? 7 fake threats to HBCUs on Tuesday is notable, it only wouldn't matter if dozens of other colleges also received fake threats that day

ID: hrnjuzh

I reacted the same as you. Then saw the WAPO item on this - there were 3 vs Ivy League schools in November.

Surprised me again to read how common they are:

2020, 818 bomb threats documented. A 20 percent drop from 1,627 in 2018. So there are an average of 2-5 every day.

28 :Anonymous2022/01/08(Sat) 07:59:37ID: hrr5kxa

It was not clear whether the threats were connected or if they were racially motivated, according to the Washington Post.

Exactly the same way that water is not clear.

29 :Anonymous2022/01/08(Sat) 08:25:28ID: hrr7nbk

I bet the people sending these bomb threats consider themselves decent and good people. It's really sad how mentally damaged so many people in the US have become.

30 :Anonymous2022/01/08(Sat) 09:56:26ID: hrrel1n

It was not clear whether the threats were connected or if they were racially motivated, according to the Washington Post

So, let’s see, they all happened on the same day, and, they all happened to Schools that favour students of colour

32 :Anonymous2022/01/07(Fri) 19:05:56ID: hroah80

We need to stop this crap and lock these mofos down. The wrong people are in prison. I support colleges. I do not support bomb threats! Enemies in our midst

33 :Anonymous2022/01/07(Fri) 15:22:33ID: hrn9azo

Okay? Didnt i see this headline last month or something?

ID: hrnv4av

It's happening regularly.

How do you like that your country now has NORMAL bomb threats for political purposes?

ID: hrpqr1q

Now? Wait until you learn about the 60’s. Obama announced his candidacy for president in the living room of a weather underground terrorist.

ID: hroxxwu

I dont understand the downvotes. I genuinely thought i saw the same article not that long just before thanksgiving or something.

35 :Anonymous2022/01/07(Fri) 21:48:52ID: hrp0pyh

They didn’t describe it at all. What was it, a 3 by 5 monogrammed greeting card with a handwritten signature?

36 :Anonymous2022/01/07(Fri) 16:53:47ID: hrnobm2

Somebody is a prolific bomb threat-er. Did anyone imagine they will become one when growing up?