Mississippi sets another record high for COVID cases for second day in a row

1 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 17:52:10ID: rxkh7f
Mississippi sets another record high for COVID cases for second day in a row
3 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 18:02:44ID: hriqxro

State with highest Covid death rate in the nation hits a new case high. Ouch.

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I guess at least they can rank first in something.

Sure beats being last in everything else...

ID: hriw5kg

Were they not first in obesity?

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Their current daily average per capita cases (162/100k) and deaths (.31/100k) are significantly below New York state. (353/100k and .49/100k)

ID: hrjda9b

True for current daily averages. I was thinking entire pandemic. Mississippi has 3,532 deaths per million and is in whole-pandemic first place. NY is also high at 3,111 per million, which is 6th in the nation.Bad any way you look at it, I think we will agree.

4 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 19:00:21ID: hrj0da8

a record high.... until tomorrow

5 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 22:09:25ID: hrjvcer

Let's test Darwins theory together. One of us is right.

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I wonder too what a disease with a 1% death rate amongst the unreproducing elderly will do when its let played out. Judging by the worldwide increase in population over the last 2 years. Nothing.

7 :Anonymous2022/01/07(Fri) 00:06:38ID: hrkdq8u

Don't worry, god will protect your lungs.

9 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 18:34:49ID: hriw8b8

Guess come hell or high water they're going to get herd immunity in the deep South.

10 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 21:25:41ID: hrjo4zi

Given that they seem to be about two weeks behind my state in Omicron becoming dominant, I would not be surprised if it was just starting to reach rural areas. I guess we'll be seeing what it does to a low-vax state with high comorbidities shortly.

ID: hrkecgb

Mississippi has trailed behind national metrics for a couple of weeks mostly because there's so much less interstate travel than most other states. You've got Atlanta and Dallas 6 hours away from Jackson and Memphis and New Orleans 3 hours north and south of Jackson, so commercial travel hubs skip jackson and it takes longer for the disease to hit the state.

Despite knowing what's coming down the pipe, we're just kind of twiddling our thumbs waiting.

The sad part is these deaths and severe illnesses disproportionately affect people who oppose the state's positions on these issues. COVID deaths and other impacts are significantly worse for black Mississippians. If there was a contagious disease that affected the wealthy suburbs a much as it does the poorer, predominantly black rural areas of the state, the government would be singing a different tune.

I teach middle school and we're "strongly recommended" to wear masks at my school in a wealthier suburb (upper middle class for Mississippi) and I have 1/4 students out at the start of the semester.

11 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 21:09:07ID: hrjlgzy

Living in any red state can be bad for your health

12 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 19:44:39ID: hrj7ote

Stop being unhealthy, get vaccinated, and use common sense and your risk of death, hospitalization, or even severe illness is practically nothing.

Instead we have the MY FREEDOMS crowd forcing the hand of local government and businesses. Thanks idiots.

13 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 17:53:31ID: hripf2g

Mississippi (fever) burning

15 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 21:24:59ID: hrjo0w5

Lol Reddit cracks me up.

Always seize the chance to rip on red states. Ignore blue states. Vaccinated CA is about to hit 50k. This virus is shattering all records across the USA.

You know what states are doing the best outside our islands? Maine and Utah when it comes to deaths per capita. How about we look at what they are doing right. Maine is fantastic for low case count and Utah has one of the best death rates for having such a high cases per capita. But that doesn’t snag clicks and upvotes like “FLORIDA” or “Redneck” here.

ID: hrkb0rp

Comparing the absolute numbers of states who's populations are different by more than a factor of 13 just betrays a fundamental lack of understanding of how to use statistics.

Maine and Mississippi should have a natural advantage over most of the rest of the states as the states with the highest and 4th highest % of rural population in the country, and yet Mississippi is still managing to have the worst rate of death per capita despite this advantage.

Mississippi should absolutely look at what states like Maine and Utah are doing right and do more of it, the fact that any state is failing to enact basic public health measures because of political tribalism is frankly embarrassing.

ID: hrjseww

Its just alternative facts

17 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 20:09:31ID: hrjbrog