Postal Service requests temporary exemption from Biden’s vaccine rule

1 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 15:06:22ID: rxgooj
Postal Service requests temporary exemption from Biden's vaccine rule
3 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 15:33:23ID: hri2pem

Dejoy is asking for it. Not the worker union.

ID: hrjf4t2

Obligatory "Fuck DeJoy".

ID: hrib7hg

How has that guy not been fired yet?

ID: hrj47qh

The postal board has to fire him. The poster board needs to have some more members shifted out before that will happen, and that only happens when one of the board member's terms is up, so this is something that was always going to take time because it can't just be brute forced.

It's not something the president has the power to do.

ID: hrit8ci

Because our government is a facade designed to keep the rich and powerful rich and powerful.

ID: hrj0z4o

If he's unvaxxed, this is the opportunity right here! Pounce!!!

ID: hribxi0

Joe Biden doesn't actually want to replace him.


ID: hrjhejt

Because people sit around fucking listening to excuses like the ones already posted here. None of them are valid.

ID: hrilbtj

Maybe he's the one that needs the exemption? Please let this be what gets him fired...

ID: hrjo968

Manchin is the one standing in the way of placing new members on the USPS oversight board who would get rid of DeJoy. What a horrible human being.

ID: hrklvoo

need some ads explaining to west virginia that manchin is slowing their mail and increasing the cost.

4 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 15:27:29ID: hri1taj

And it’s not the union that wants this. It’s coming down from the execrable Louis Dejoy.

5 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 17:37:49ID: hrims3k

Also us carriers need a PCR test to call out, and get written up for calling out to get a test and wait for results. How this doesn't lead to the collapse of the system, idk.

ID: hrka3yo

Its a complete shit show rn. If you're going to mandate "tests" you better make fucking sure they have the supply. Complete failure

7 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 18:48:58ID: hriyikz

People are getting sick left and right, working at the post office right now. So muchso, they are short staff. If any place needs these safety precautions, it is the post office.

8 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 23:37:53ID: hrk9dk2

As a postal worker with Covid right now after vaccines it’s not a good call not to enforce it. We are at a point of station managers running routes. It’s bad.

9 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 15:12:14ID: hrhzi7n

People forget that these rules aren’t just about protecting the public, they’re about protecting fellow employees. That’s why it’s an OSHA regulation - people should have the right to come to work without being unnecessarily exposed to preventable disease.

ID: hri71uf

I think USPS falls under the federal mandate regardless if OSHA's makes it through the Supreme Court or not. But same reasoning either way

ID: hrirx32

Not exactly, if they were they would have already fired people like the military did.

ID: hri7kaf

Good point. I was speaking more generally.

ID: hriandx

Then maybe give them n95 masks?

ID: hrkald5

Good acknowledge natrual immunity then. Or mandate testing for everyone, because we sure as shit know it aint just the unvacinated spreading covid.

ID: hriqwcd

“People should have the right to come to work without being unnecessarily exposed to preventable disease.”

Who is being protected from whom?

ID: hrid36k

So far it's not preventable.

ID: hriln1o

Severe disease and death are largely preventable when you are vaccinated, barring if you are severely immune compromised. So yes, preventable.

ID: hrinaln

It was mostly preventable with the vaccines before you plague rats let it mutate into something that made the vaccine far less effective for transmission. So thanks.

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ID: hrij4xv
ID: hrjqxg8

Lol but vaccinated people can get and spread covid too, so…

ID: hrjt5v7

How many times are we supposed to respond to this drivel in earnest?

ID: hri4j7x
10 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 15:22:04ID: hri0zwd

Uhhh… Also for those that are willing to lose their job over the vaccine, apparently their are a lot of people ready to take those good paying postal worker jobs.

ID: hric6ds

If full time carrier or clerk position opened up they would be filled instantly, I know I’d grab one. Working at the post office sucks when you don’t get the full time benefits. You have to work your way through assistant position and wait for a full timer to retire and sometimes that takes years. I was a CCA for years with no chance of getting a full time position.

ID: hrj4fx2

My ex wanted to work at the post office so bad because he loves walling and being outside and wanted to be a rural carrier. We dated for 1.5 years and remained friends for another year and at no point was there ever a full time opening, only those random temp delivery jobs.

ID: hrj1uo8

Yeah, but USPS's hiring process is a Kafkaesque nightmare.

got fired for not coming in when they never even told him his start date.

11 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 23:32:47ID: hrk8lh3

got an idea: wouldn't be easier to get them vaccinated instead? and that was easy wasn't it?

13 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 15:42:06ID: hri420z

It'd be pretty great if they can get fired over that, we had an outbreak of the virus in my office that just keeps coming around and around. Of course they won't get fired but it'd be nice. RCAs would be moving up at an unprecedented rate and there would be a few less morons at the office. My interaction is kind of limited compared to how much a CCA/Window Clerk deals with, but I still come in contact with a fair amount of people daily on routes.

ID: hrijupu

Just to be clear though, if they were vaccinated, the virus will still keep coming around and around. It will just be people getting knocked out for 3 days instead of 5-10 days. Got to be clear with expectations.

ID: hrj793h

Not all of them out with the virus are vaccinated, but a few were. Our office is a mixture with the vaccinated in the minority. One of the vaccinated coworkers who is getting over it was still out over a week.

14 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 18:07:05ID: hrirni0

Who the hell wants an unvaxxed person that goes to everyones door and handles everyones mail? Of all the people that should NOT get an exemption, postal workers is on the top of that list.

ID: hrj3ud4

Of all the people that should NOT get an exemption, postal workers is on the top of that list.

top of the list is actually retail shoppers

I can't even put into words how disgusting the average customer is and how hyper-aware the pandemic has made me of it

ID: hrjqesm

Eh, who cares. Just because they aren’t vaccinated doesn’t mean they’re more contagious. A vaccinated person can still get sick and spread it. The vaccine only lessens the severity of the illness for that person themself, doesn’t make them less likely to get it or transmit it.

ID: hrjsuy4

Way to not understand science and act like you do. Stop spreading misinformation, dumbass

15 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 16:09:04ID: hri8cio

They are keep saying "dramatic reduction" over and over.

What IS the vaccination rate? How many are not vaccinated (and is refusing to be vaccinated)?

Like how many are going to be even affected?

If it is going to be couple of hundreds, then I don't see the issue. Just hire more as postal services, from what I remember, pays well and have good benefits and didn't really have retention issues.

ID: hrilfl6

Just hire more as postal services, from what I remember, pays well and have good benefits and didn't really have retention issues.

Not to mention, the USPS has spent the past 2 months working with seasonal hires, from local post offices to distribution centers.

So if there arose a situation where they needed to fill a spot, even on a temporary basis, there are trained and capable workers who can be called.

ID: hricknv

Believe me it will be a significant portion of their force, these are “no skill” jobs and they take anyone with a pulse I worked at the post office and probably 40% of the office cheered on Trump as he actively tried to take their jobs

17 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 15:08:49ID: hrhyzj2

hmm, they want unvaccinated people to handle letters & parcels and deliver them to my house? no thanks, thanks tho!

ID: hri1uk0
ID: hri254c

amazing... do they teleport the packages to my front door?

also, rarely spreads through surface contact is not the same as doesn't.

18 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 16:11:01ID: hri8nk7

My brother is a postal worker, and he absolutely refuses to get vaccinated. I have no idea how he still has his job...

ID: hrk0tzu

My brother in law refused to get the vaccine and spent the entirety of Thanksgiving knocked out from it. Let me play a sad violin...

19 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 17:19:17ID: hrijr06

Similar situation here in NY where the governor is not mandating vaccines for MTA workers due to fear of crew shortages.

I feel fears of worker shortages are overblown for these situations, and I also dislike this standard of the government arbitrarily deciding some jobs are too important to adhere to the public safety standards required of everyone else.

Here in NYC, the former mayor mandated vaccination for NYPD, FDNY, NYCHA, etc. and vaccination rates went through the roof once the deadline neared. I'm talking double-digit increases in a weekend.

Even a lot of the true believers ended up getting the jab after missing a single paycheck.

I think a similar trend would happen w/ USPS holdouts. Very few people will be giving up their comfortable jobs, benefits, and pensions for refusing the vaccine.

20 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 15:09:18ID: hrhz26h

They're literally the people who spread paper (and whatever's on it) to everyone

ID: hricklk

should we also check the vax status of people before we allow them to mail a letter?

21 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 15:15:55ID: hri02bd

They're gonna get it too

ID: hrilydc

There will be a huge uproar if they do. Political suicide, actually.

22 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 16:04:55ID: hri7oj7

Fire them if they do not get vaccinated. Then post in /r/jobs

23 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 16:11:43ID: hri8rj2

Vaccine or fired though

24 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 15:59:46ID: hri6uzm

They work outside 99% of the time in their own delivery vehicles. Seems covid safe to me.

ID: hri7r9y

You do know that there are a huge number of postal employees that aren't delivery people, right?

ID: hric5rz

Lol congrats on telling us all you know absolutely fucking nothing about the postal system

ID: hri7xgf

“They?” There’s more than one role in the USPS than just the people who make the deliveries…

ID: hri82y0

And coughing on your mail.

ID: hrim0gs

We know the virus doesn’t spread via surfaces. Where have you been? C’mon now.

25 :Anonymous2022/01/06(Thu) 18:01:51ID: hriqsmp
26 :Anonymous2022/01/07(Fri) 00:55:06ID: hrkkxdu

has dejoy been arrested yet?