New York AG launches investigation as video shows man went up in flames after police fired Taser

1 :Anonymous2022/01/07(Fri) 21:53:01ID: ryj16n
New York AG launches investigation as video shows man went up in flames after police fired Taser
2 :Anonymous2022/01/07(Fri) 22:26:41ID: hrp6nk2

It’s video 2 at about the fifty second mark.

ID: hrpchj0

What did they think would happen static electricity plus flammable liquids

ID: hrpmv04

Electricity from a taser is kinetic. Very, very kinetic.

3 :Anonymous2022/01/07(Fri) 22:28:44ID: hrp6yyh

Well, I'm not a police officer so maybe I don't know.

But if I were, and if I just saw a man douse himself in hand sanitizer, I don't personally think that I would taze him.

Especially not if I supposedly was "so afraid of him hurting himself."

ID: hrpri8x

Imagine being in a police station, with Lord knows how many cops, and there's 2 videos. One 30 minutes long before the 2nd video starts, and a few minutes into the 2nd video the guy douses himself in sanitizer and then you taze him. Dozens of cops couldn't had subdued him before? What is the point of all that training if all you're gonna do is squeeze a trigger.

Look, I never want anyone to get hurt, regular person or officer but at the same time, police officers are given great benefits and pay, and with that, maybe take the risk of banging up your knee getting a little physical to get a clearly mentally ill man in cuffs.

ID: hrpwp1s

I'd have tased him, but I would also have immediately started slapping out the fire instead of leaving the room like a bunch of bitches. Looks like they were just gonna let him burn to death.

ID: hrpy9lg

This, too. Like? Put out the fire!?

ID: hrpqlhd

It’s easy to sit back, analyze a situation and say “I wouldn’t have done that” when you aren’t in the heat of the moment.

I’m sure most people learn that hand sanitizer has alcohol which is flammable but I doubt that crossed anyone’s mind at the time.

I was a cop for around a year. If I trained on a situation I was calm and rational if something similar happened. It’s those incidents you don’t train for that cause the fight or flight response and the best decisions aren’t made. That being said it’s impossible to train for every scenario that exists.

I spent more time in fire/ems as policing wasn’t for me. Our training on the one off scenarios were table top talks/exercises where we were basically doing case studies and asking if they acted appropriately or what we’d do different. The one time one popped up in real life I did almost the opposite of what I said I would have done at the table top. Things I trained every day on became second nature but not the crazy once in a lifetime incidents.

ID: hrprwqr

There are multiple stories of people being lit up in flames after being tazed because a flammable liquid was on or near the suspect. And taser training should address that. Like, we all know throwing a toaster in a bath tub is a bad idea. Electricity and flammable liquid issues should kinda be well known in 2021 as well.

4 :Anonymous2022/01/07(Fri) 22:07:02ID: hrp3lo4

Do cops not know hand sanitizer is flammable? I mean, I know they're cops, but still.

Also, I had to laugh at "his exact cause of death is not clear." I know it's a paperwork/beauracracy thing, but the dude got set on fire. Pretty sure that's what killed him.

ID: hrp7fsb

When alcohol based hand sanitizers became stand in hospitals, do you know how many were placed directly above power outlets?

Lots lots lots of hospital fires happened till word quickly got around

ID: hrp3x4z

They should have just said "stop pretty please" to the crazy man that doused himself in hand sanitizer inside the police station.

ID: hrpq65o

Yeah, I guess shooting him is easier than having to wash sanitizer out of their uniforms, but I kinda feel like we should expect a little more from uniformed officers then saving money on laundry by shooting first.

ID: hrp4dtb

Yes, that exactly.

Police all over the world and especially all over Western Europe subdue people like this all the time.

Only Americans think that our police officers have to act like Stormtroopers and kill people constantly.

Our police kill an absurd amount of people and we jail and absurd amount compared to the WORST countries.

ID: hrp4rj7

Did the crazy man have a weapon? No? Then yes, it was the cop's fault. He ignited the fire.

ID: hrp83xt

Cops may not be saints, but yeah... I'm putting this one on the guy dousing himself in flammables.

Jones spent 48 days in an ICU in Syracuse before he died on December 15

The comments here read as if his death immediately followed the cop tazing an unstable person.

5 :Anonymous2022/01/07(Fri) 23:21:32ID: hrpezsj

I really wish the videos had audio. I am so curious. Looks like the guy was on drugs maybe? He seemed very agitated. After the paramedics showed up they had a hard time even getting him to climb on the stretcher. Also I wonder who the nice person was who held his hand? A social worker maybe?

6 :Anonymous2022/01/07(Fri) 22:15:44ID: hrp4yf8

The burning question here is was the hand sanitizer flammable?

ID: hrp63lb

Pretty sure it was inflammable.

ID: hrpodz6

Flammable or imflammable, cant remember. Doesnt matter!

ID: hrpkaig

What an incendiary comment to make

ID: hrpn6af

'Inflammable' means flammable? What a country!

ID: hrpd7yd

Evidently so.

7 :Anonymous2022/01/07(Fri) 22:01:58ID: hrp2stu

Without reading 1st.

My money is on cops using an old oil based propellant OC spray and then tasing...

Edit: Sigh. Dudes a dumbass.

ID: hrp6ihv

You should’ve read. He doused himself in alcohol-based hand sanitizer which ignited when he was taxed.

ID: hrp6rls

which ignited when he was taxed.

IRS isn't fucking around.

ID: hrp312t

Wasn't this an episode of CSI?

ID: hrp3eah

With a mythbusters cameo. And a Mythbusters episode.

ID: hrpe0kk

Might have mental issues wouldn’t straight say dumb ass

ID: hrpf1js

based on him staggering around, I'd say alcohol was more an issue than anything else

8 :Anonymous2022/01/07(Fri) 22:43:25ID: hrp98i4

He must have died from infection.

9 :Anonymous2022/01/07(Fri) 23:41:33ID: hrphybz

So this was a police station, not necessarily a holding facility or jail. So doesn't look like he was under arrest or being booked since he wasn't cuffed. Maybe he just wandered in to report something or was a victim of some kind? But he was obviously agitated and appeared to be drunk. He began stripping, throwing things, getting really close to officers, etc. I'm surprised they didn't try and cuff him long before he doused himself and they used a taser. Maybe they thought they could just calm him down, but given his actions I'm surprised they didn't try and detain him earlier.

Edit: found an older article about this, seems like he did just walk into the police station, but doesn't say why. So he was not in custody. Also sounds like this guy was a local high school sports hero 10 years back, so maybe that played into the officers' early restraint.

10 :Anonymous2022/01/07(Fri) 22:10:11ID: hrp43ca

Holy shit.. and they just watched him burn.

ID: hrp5lft

No they ran around in an absolute panic trying to figure out what to do.

ID: hrp5vcg

Worse, they ran away, waited until the fire burned out, then came back. They killed him with a combination of stupidity followed by cowardice. He did not need to die, they murdered him.

11 :Anonymous2022/01/07(Fri) 23:44:33ID: hrpie8m

I watched an episode of CSI just like this.

ID: hrpopmp

The difference is that guy didn't douse himself in an flammable source. He instead was sprayed with pepper spray and then got tased.

Also, Jim Brass saying "light him up" was excellent.

12 :Anonymous2022/01/08(Sat) 00:48:15ID: hrprko7

Police Chief Dave Darling said his officers were familiar with Jones from previous encounters and were likely afraid he was going to hurt himself, according to The Associated Press.

"We're afraid he might hurt himself, let's beat him to it!" -- the cops, probably.