NASA’s new Webb space telescope opens its golden ‘eye’

1 :Anonymous2022/01/09(Sun) 12:32:54ID: rzqqd3
NASA’s new Webb space telescope opens its golden ‘eye’
2 :Anonymous2022/01/09(Sun) 12:59:56ID: hrwqh87

I can't wait to see the pictures this thing will be taking. Truly amazing project...

ID: hrxrf1z

Seriously, between this and the little Mars rover buddies, so much exciting stuff happening in this sphere.

ID: hry5ybv

Don't forget the LIGO gravity wave detectors, which among other things confirmed gravity works likes waves that travel at the speed of light and black holes exist and merge just as expected!

There was that picture of a black hole too!

CERN found the Higgs boson and I think FERMILAB recently found some new stuff out about neurtrinos.

New Horizons did a flyby of Pluto and got pictures and data. (I grew up with Pluto looking like a smear of pixels.)

There's a solar probe going on right now.

I was in high school in the early 00s. The current Mars rovers are like the 3rd or 4th generation of rovers since the 90s. I think the one that landed a year or two ago with the skycrane may be 4th gen. They landed 2 rovers in the early 00s when I was in high school and their missions were designed for months but they kept on going and going. The 2nd one finally had a winter it couldn't survive but it made it like 15 years.

The Kepler mission found a shit-ton of exoplanets. I'm old enough that I remember when Carl Sagan was still on TV and talking about other stars having their own planets was still speculation. It was a big deal when they found the first one! Now there are several thousand known planets!

Also, I can't tell you how amazing it is that there is private space flight now. There are supposed to be manned Moon missions again soon as well!

ID: hryjueq

Little mars rovers? You mean those things the size of minivans?

Little isn't the right word for those things, and we are forgetting some of the more exciting missions that are planned like Dragonfly which will send a flying drone to Saturn's moon Titan.

ID: hrxrakm

You won't see them. The photos from the parallel universe where we all wear cowboy hats will be censored.

ID: hry2uec

As long as we get pirate universe pictures I’ll be satisfied.

ID: hry9ai1

I'd get sick of parallel me lording his cowboy hat over me anyway.

ID: hrys91i

the ram ranch universe

ID: hrxrgpg

Me too, been so excited since I first learned of the project. I still love looking at Hubble images, so I can't wait to see what James Webb lets us see.

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ID: hrxtgym

Have they said when the would show us?

ID: hrxvxdg

It won't start taking images until June.

ID: hrxyunj

I've seen graphs that it will "double" the amount of space we can see from this vehicle.But I get skeptical when you start talking about light years and trillions of miles of space. But what do I know - I'm just a guy on the internet who loves anything with taking pictures in space.

ID: hryiu4l

In the end all it's going to do is take some pictures of space. Don't see why we put so much into taking picture of shit we'll never go to. Other stuff we should focus on but, hey people like to think Star Trek will be real one day. lol

ID: hryk2b4

Scientific exploration and building Scientific instruments are how everyday technological advancements are accelerated.If we discount science because we don't think it is practical, we are doing a great disservice to humanity.

5 :Anonymous2022/01/09(Sun) 14:32:16ID: hrx11kg

"Proximity mines in the facility. No Oddjob."

ID: hrx8gp5

"You play as Jaws, I'll be Oddjob."

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ID: hrx9don

Forget Odd-job. Proximity mines are far worse if you rig the spawn locations ><

ID: hrxyoed

Nothing better than spawning and immediately dying.

So much yelling in the dorms.

ID: hrxr3fg

Slappers only

ID: hry295b

Slappers only was such a fun and hilarious time back then.

ID: hrx8rnu

That song in the watch pause menu was a banger

ID: hrxu6r3

Such a banger

ID: hrxsryr

"Can we play Perfect Dark instead?"

ID: hry6xdj

Setting the Farsight XR 20 to: On.

ID: hrxyswr

There’s talk it may be rereleased for the switch/Xbox soon…

ID: hry7gdh

Tell me more please?

ID: hrynyrq

If they do, I hope they upgrade it for graphics and better controls, but don't change the story (that Wii 'remake' was a complete bait and switch). I've got the original emulated on a jailbroken Wii and it... hasn't aged well. None of the N64 games have.

ID: hry4iin

Back then you had to tell the other players "I banged ur mom!" to their face.

ID: hry5ast

I know Reddit loves poking fun at Jimmy Fallon, but damn do I feel like a fool for ignoring his show. I never even knew he played Goldeneye64 with Pierce:

ID: hry1zst

This may be something my friends and I made up. But, the female helicopter pilot is the perfect height to headshot oddjob.

ID: hrzpuni

Grenade Launchers. License to Kill. Stack.

So many ricochet shots.

6 :Anonymous2022/01/09(Sun) 16:51:53ID: hrxlqdq

Then comes the satellite laser cannon...

ID: hrxpemt

You may fire when ready.

7 :Anonymous2022/01/09(Sun) 12:52:58ID: hrwprsm

With the golden eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeye...

ID: hrx9whj

I found its weakness

ID: hrxmg7l

Spike them!

ID: hrxw1ob

the man with the golden eyeball

And tighten your buttocks, pour juice on your chin

I promised my girlfriend I'd play the violin

ID: hry0m68

that boy needs therapy

ID: hryvm9a

It's the opinion of the entire staff that Dexter is criminally insane.

10 :Anonymous2022/01/09(Sun) 12:36:05ID: hrwo3sd

Have you told James Bond yet?

12 :Anonymous2022/01/09(Sun) 18:56:49ID: hry6c9b

Oh shit it’s expecting us to die.

14 :Anonymous2022/01/09(Sun) 18:12:33ID: hrxyr7b
ID: hryl1oh

Username checks out.

15 :Anonymous2022/01/09(Sun) 16:41:10ID: hrxk1z7

When will it's whispering eye open?

17 :Anonymous2022/01/09(Sun) 18:20:22ID: hry031i

Whispering eye. Congratulations to all the engineers and scientists that made this possible. I can’t wait to see some images!

18 :Anonymous2022/01/09(Sun) 18:24:52ID: hry0uh1

They better have played Golden Eye by Tina Turner when they unfold the mirrors!

20 :Anonymous2022/01/09(Sun) 16:32:56ID: hrxiqxm

If this is a long con by Nintendo to get us to buy a new revamped N64 with goldeneye well then I’m in! Take all my money!

21 :Anonymous2022/01/09(Sun) 16:36:01ID: hrxj8m7

When is its brown eye gonna open up?

ID: hrxkcu6

About 30 minutes after eating the gas station sushi.

ID: hrxmu0l

Or lobster.

ID: hrxkgcd

About 6 months from now. It needs to go through a long cooling phase and then needs to be calibrated.

ID: hrxu0kv

Im more interested in its whispering eye.

23 :Anonymous2022/01/09(Sun) 21:19:28ID: hryumwd

Only the US could have pulled it off. We are now 4 for 4 for the great observatories.

24 :Anonymous2022/01/09(Sun) 16:56:01ID: hrxme1l

"Now I've got you, Goldeneye!"

25 :Anonymous2022/01/09(Sun) 18:10:37ID: hrxyft5

Why did I feel slightly dirty reading the headline…..

26 :Anonymous2022/01/09(Sun) 18:27:49ID: hry1d7x

<every nomai and hearthian liked that>

27 :Anonymous2022/01/09(Sun) 19:44:03ID: hryeem1

Next is the whispering eye

28 :Anonymous2022/01/09(Sun) 22:35:19ID: hrz7ch0

Yaaah, I am invincible!

29 :Anonymous2022/01/09(Sun) 23:11:36ID: hrzd95d

“Say Cheese!” ~ Webb

30 :Anonymous2022/01/09(Sun) 23:29:48ID: hrzg6fo

I came here just searching for a backup camera

33 :Anonymous2022/01/09(Sun) 13:57:11ID: hrwws01
ID: hrwy8rb

Ah the gold ol "you cant do this one thing because this other thing is going on."

ID: hrwydck
ID: hrwzge6

First I'd love to hear an explanation on how NASA is going to fix gender equality lol

Second do you honestly not understand how beneficial understanding the origins of our universe like 100× more then we currently do is?

Don't sit there and yell about "10 people understanding it" when you clearly do not know what you are talking about

ID: hrwyz1o

Who hurt you?

ID: hrwz53x

Did you say the same thing about Hubble?

34 :Anonymous2022/01/09(Sun) 18:21:06ID: hry07ks

Then what? What we looking at here? Make with the pics already.

ID: hrykoon

They need to adjust all the mirrors, and the instrument is still cooling down to operating temp. We might get some blurry calibration images soon, but the first high quality images likely won't be until July. The motors that adjust the mirrors are ridiculously precise but also ridiculously slow.

ID: hrywpe9

Ima be so pissed if there's a tiny smudge that blurs all the pictures or something wacky like that.

ID: hrzshtk

Thankyou! That's what I wanted to know. I figured with all the stuff they've done so far out the way they'd just pop the lens cap off and go to town.

35 :Anonymous2022/01/09(Sun) 19:21:55ID: hryanm2

Why no onboard camera? Too much interference?

ID: hrydiam

You see how tightly packed and intricately folded this thing was already?

ID: hryx3ul

Thanks. I was thinking a go pro style thing would have been included just to see it unfold not so much for diagnosis but for recording a piece of history

ID: hryk792

You'd only be able to see the hot side of the sun shield, which isn't terribly interesting.