Sister-in-law talks: Ex-Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield sexually assaulted me as teen

2 :Anonymous2022/01/08(Sat) 18:11:09ID: hrsza29

Seriously one of the most gut-wrenching read ever. What a scoop by nonprofit news outlet Bridge Michigan. This man needs to be in prison. Even if nobody in Lansing (capital) knew the full scope of his involvement with his sister-in-law, CLEARLY everyone in Michigan politics knew this faux Bible thumper was a boozehound, was spending lavishly on "entertainment" (far more than his $75K salary could ever afford), had his two brothers on the payroll of the Republican orbit with dubious "jobs", and was serial cheating on his wife (his high school sweetheart!). Not to mention he was handed a nonprofit fake job after leaving office which was going to pay this dips*** upwards of over $400K a year! He lost the gig after local media pressure. This creepy hack was just a big business puppet for 6 years — which begs the question, how precisely did he sell out Michigan? Because they rewarded him handsomely.

3 :Anonymous2022/01/08(Sat) 15:48:38ID: hrsdt95

Headline underselling this by making it sound like a one-time thing.

She said the encounters continued for more than a decade into 2021.

And before the predictable "she's just trying to get attention, why doesn't she file criminal charges" brigade:

Rebekah Chatfield told Bridge she documented her allegations in a criminal complaint filed last month with police in Lansing, where she lives.

This is only public because a news organization learned about the existence of the investigation and reported it today.

ID: hrsjv6c

I wonder if this was behind Trump's chat with Mr. Chatfield last year.

ID: hrt8jtf

I, for whatever reason, imagined him to be some typical crusty GOP 'old boy'.

Mr. Fail Upwards --->

5 :Anonymous2022/01/08(Sat) 16:36:20ID: hrskq8v

Why do Christian men have such a difficult time keeping their dicks out of kids?

ID: hrstfuy

They view kids the same way they view women, people of color and LGBTQ, less than human so they can act guilt free. It's what American Jesus would want.

ID: hrsm97w

I've seen an absurd number of zealots explain that the fear of an unpleasant afterlife is the only thing keeping them from being murderous rapists in life. They're terrible people who can only participate within society because they're afraid of a magic sky man.

ID: hrszj4i

Makes me think that some who are drawn to religion have no self governing skills. Absolutely must rely on some outside authority to keep them in line. They can’t imagine anyone navigating life without a governing force to keep them from being horrible

ID: hrt5nm0

They also conveniently like to ignore all the other "fake" religions figured out not to do bad stuff too.

ID: hrsyy0a

Religion perverts normal human sexuality and has millennia of detrimental effects.

ID: hrt0f0g

Religion perverts every basic, fundamental part of human behavior is a more apt description.

ID: hrt5hf1

They are taught from birth that a man being tortured to death is a symbol of peace and love. It breaks them at a young age.

They are also told that the torture and subsequent death of God/his son is their fault.

They are also endlessly brainwashed that nothing they do on this Earth has meaningful consequences so long as they allow Jesus into their hearts.

I think it’s a very effective way to turn naturally caring human beings into people who will commit atrocities in battle.

It’s a plan that has being working on humans for thousands of years.

8 :Anonymous2022/01/08(Sat) 16:34:47ID: hrskhxs

The ordeal that girl went through is awful. I hope more of his victims come forward since she can’t be the only one this guy groomed. That man is not only a predator but has zero sense of morality. I hope justice is served and the man goes away to jail for life.

ID: hrszv9e

Without a doubt there are more victims. I'd bet anything.

9 :Anonymous2022/01/08(Sat) 15:59:50ID: hrsfefv

Yes, another deplorable Republican.

Saved you a click.

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Don’t forget he was a teacher at a Christian academy too, at the time!

Something something religion and sexual assault.

ID: hrt0706

Why aren’t “Normal” Christians asked to answer for the behavior of people like this? If this were a Muslim dude there would be an outcry and it would reflect poorly on the entire the religion in the eyes of millions of Americans. This is really fucked up.

ID: hrszskl

It's really worth the click. Super gut-wrenching story. Brave of the victim and her husband (the politician's own brother!) to go on the record with this and detail EVERYTHING.

10 :Anonymous2022/01/08(Sat) 15:36:42ID: hrsc5ag

I bet he is a Q anon member. It is always projection with these people.

15 :Anonymous2022/01/08(Sat) 19:04:38ID: hrt7h78

That was a very thorough article. They fact-checked as much as was feasible.

16 :Anonymous2022/01/08(Sat) 19:07:31ID: hrt7x3k

...but I was told they were the most oppressed group in america.