‘He was skin and bones’: Deer on brink of death in Warren County tests positive for CWD

1 :Anonymous2022/01/09(Sun) 21:19:16ID: s01usm
'He was skin and bones': Deer on brink of death in Warren County tests positive for CWD
2 :Anonymous2022/01/09(Sun) 22:05:03ID: hrz2atv

I don't like knowing about prions

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If you catch them you won't have to worry about knowing about them for long as it will eat your brain bit by bit.

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Well it can be a decade or more before symptoms.

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That's the worst part: knowing that my brain is deteriorating more and more every day until oblivion.

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I wish I could say that were true....

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Yeah, I could do without that too, especially crossing over into wildlife.

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I’ll make it worse: they can be spread airborne

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Me either, they're like Ice-9 but in epidemiology.

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Always cook ground beef thoroughly. Sincerely, mad cow disease.

4 :Anonymous2022/01/09(Sun) 23:19:14ID: hrzehz9

Serious question - is the deer okay now, or did they euthanize and incinerate it?

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This is a 100% fatal disease. It's dead, they have to dissect and take samples from brain and nervous system tissue to even test for it.

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Ah, good to know. Poor kid.

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Kinda like rabies?

ID: hs1c3jv

At least it’s out of its misery now 🙁

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There can't really be a cure for prion diseases, as they're just misfolded proteins. Scary stuff

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Antibodies against the misfolded proteins. That’s the current hope right now.

ID: hs1dinw

Prion disease is degenerative and fatal.

5 :Anonymous2022/01/09(Sun) 22:22:08ID: hrz56d4

I’m happy that after reading about prions on Wikipedia I still have no idea what they are

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Bacteria are little single cell creatures, and they secrete by-products that can make humans sick.

Viruses are genes (either RNA or DNA) surrounded by a delivery mechanism that can infect cells (like humans or other bacteria), and program the cells' machinery to make more copies, usually destroying the host cell in the process.

Prions are proteins, believed to be ones that fold other proteins. One protein gets misfolded, and now it is able to misfold the correctly folded copy of itself, so it becomes exponential growth within the body.

There's only one protein ever discovered so far that can cause prion disease. So mad cow disease, chronic wasting disease, crutzfield Jacobs (in humans), kudu (also in humans), scrapie, all involve that protein.

At first it was thought that all the symptoms happened when enough of the prion protein had been misfolded to not be active, but mouse studies showed this was not the case. In mice, you can completely remove a gene (knockout mouse), and mice could survive without the prion protein at all, not showing symptoms of any known prion disease.

Then it was thought that the prions built up and caused problems within neural tissue, but the math model grew much faster than what is observed. A clever researcher did a math model showing that if you consider that the misfolded proteins can crystallize/polymerize (several grow together), but sometimes a crystal breaks off, the development of the disease matches. Interestingly, the prions clump together in a structure that resembles beta-amyloid plaques. If that sounds familiar to you, that's the structure that's observed with Alzheimer's disease.

All of the above is from memory and is probably a couple of years old. And I might have a few of the facts off.

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Isnt CJD the same thing as mad cow (BSE) just in humans?

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Dude, where were you when I was in college? Great work, Appreciated.

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Wow you’re smart that’s exactly what the Wikipedia said

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Prions kinda sound like protein cancer…

ID: hrz69cj

Apparently nothing good.. just something to worry about in 2022 with everything else!

6 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 02:55:23ID: hs0bnjs

Before anyone panics, CWD hasn't been shown to infect humans. And in labs that tested on primates, squirrel monkeys were susceptible but they're distant relation to humans, whereas the tests on macaques who are much closer to humans showed no infections at all.


And prions are not like viruses or bacteria. They don't mutate. So if a prion can't infect a thing now, it's probably not ever going to.

So so far, there is no evidence it can infect humans and testing seems to point to humans being low risk for being susceptible. Not saying it's impossible and to eat infected animals, but don't lose sleep over the thought of it becoming a human illness like other prions are.

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After having a crow poop on my head and reading the wiki I’m glad you’ve said this. I’m such a germaphobe and the pandemic has been stressful enough.

Can we go back to the days of having good solutions to most major threats like bacteria with antibiotics. We are supposed to be advanced yet we are falling behind and for what? to focus on what our fellow humans will do over the bs horror nature is constantly cooking up for us.

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This needs to be higher up

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This is highly misleading because prion diseases with no obvious explanation have been reported in Canada for decades now. There is an uptick right now, in fact. There was an article about it on the front page the other day. My ex’s grandma died of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease a decade ago and the health authority is still trying to figure out why.

Even if this particular disease isn’t able to infect humans, prion diseases are definitely out there right now and picking up speed. Canada doesn’t know what to do about them or where they’re originating. It’s not much of a jump to assume they’ll be in the US soon.

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Well, technically a prion is a mutated protein. “Misfolded” if you want but in the same sense a mutated virus is simply “misprinted”. But you’re right in that protein folding is trickier business than RNA mutation.

Also, humans don’t have a corresponding protein for CWD like we do for Scrapie, CJD/vCJD, Kuru.

9 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 02:51:58ID: hs0b4sf

The whitetail deer population has been absurdly high for years now. We killed off wolves in most of the country (cause the posed a small risk to livestock but almost no risk to humans). People planted exotic plants, bushes, etc. that they seem to love. Hunting is in decline. And then efforts to control them more fun into issues because people think they’re cute.

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Tick populations have also exploded

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True, very true.

10 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 10:53:38ID: hs1qrxc

I hate this time line

11 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 08:12:44ID: hs1dv95

“He was incoherent”

He keep prattling on and on about how aliens were already here. And how they walk among us. He then said I was his dead father, who had come back to avenge him from his high school bully who owed him $20, he was a mess!

13 :Anonymous2022/01/09(Sun) 22:13:37ID: hrz3qpo

I'd bet this is already in humans, since it can take years to show symptoms. Somebody out there ate deer nervous tissue or the brain. Prions are the stuff of nightmares.

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And cooking doesn't kill prions.

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Well they arent really alive.

That are just misformed proteins.

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How does it travel from stomach though?

ID: hrzxok8

Sulfuric acid does.

ID: hrz6cop

What…. No…

ID: hs1n5zf

Nonsense, just cook your meat at 900°F for several hours and problem solved!

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CWD is not known to infect humans.

ID: hrzhlx0

Thanks. Do you know why? Are prions in deer too different from human prions? Is there a danger it can one day? I've read a lot on prion disease but I didn't study science, have basic knowledge of biology and chemistry.

ID: hrzao3z

Well we already have prion diseases that show up in humans. Apparently we don't even know how long the incubation period can be for them either, or at least some of them.

14 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 10:31:24ID: hs1ozb6

This and airborne disease were my worst medical fears. Whelp

15 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 04:23:33ID: hs0o8f4

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) (prion disease) is terrifying. You have to use special disinfection protocols when processing infected tissue, and fixate in phenolized formalin to make it inert.

16 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 02:37:56ID: hs0917y

This is the real stuff that terrifies me

17 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 06:47:50ID: hs15zo7

I love meat. This is making me seriously consider going vegetarian...Turns good tissue into cysts was my favorite. Christ.

ID: hs20vyb

Prions can infect plants too.

18 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 01:07:33ID: hrzvlkp

I thought CWD was Covid While Deering

ID: hrzxhk3

That’s probably a nicer way to go

19 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 00:13:29ID: hrzn5un

I wish something would take out the deer in NJ. These giant hoofed rats are decimating new growth in our forests and killing people on the highways left and right. Yet the moron karens here protest hunting like they are living in some kind of Disney movie.

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Wrong Warren County friend.

ID: hrzyhmz

Huh? Yeah I know it's not Warren county nj, homie... That's why I said I wish it would happen in NJ.

20 :Anonymous2022/01/09(Sun) 21:30:20ID: hrywerx
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So are humans, really.

ID: hrz0u7d

No context but I’ll infer the expunged comment has to do with humanity’s fate in the past, present and future has a direct correlation to our actions.We reap what we sow, essentially.

21 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 07:01:11ID: hs17b3h

Real life Train to Busan

22 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 17:24:04ID: hs35ayw

I don't think CWD is uncommon enough that one individual case is worth reporting. For example after a some quick searching, it looks like


The state I live in has CWD testing stations in certain counties that hunters are required to take their deer to after tagging one. Those counties where it is required is reevaluated and updated every year. In other words, its fairly well known and we've already got systems in place to track it, so this isn't some new threat. Its prevalent enough that if it could jump to humans, we would have known that by now (not that you should eat any infected meat... please don't do that). It a terrible disease, but if you want to be alarmed about it, you should have been alarmed years ago instead of just now from this one case.

I don't think this is sensationalized reporting as this is the first case in that county and it is a local website, but it certainly feels like something Reddit will try to run with when they shouldn't.