Potato shortage cutting into fries, chips

1 :Anonymous2022/01/09(Sun) 22:59:23ID: s04417
Potato shortage cutting into fries, chips
2 :Anonymous2022/01/09(Sun) 23:47:55ID: hrzj33r

You can grow potatoes in a bag on your front steps.

ID: hrzr3of

Ooh do you have any tips/tricks for this?

ID: hrzrvgv

Obtain bag.

Fill with soil.

Plant potato.

Wait, water as needed.

Boom, done.

ID: hs02whq

Im gonna 'Tato Bandit all your stoop taters!

4 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 00:50:18ID: hrzt079

Last fall while everything was closed somebody parked a giant trailer full of potatoes that couldn't be sold because all the restaurants were closed. They were free for the taking and they were gone by the end of the week.

ID: hs0qcu2

Jeremy Clarkson had a short Amazon series where he ran his farm and he did something similar. He put out a cabinet with potatoes in it and a money box for payment. Worked on the honor system.

5 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 01:08:45ID: hrzvrys

As someone who lives in Maine where potatoes grow like crazy.

I'm still confused they keep sending us Idaho potatoes...

And when I was in Idaho, I repeatedly found Maine potatoes...

Like, wtf!?

ID: hs0q6ac

Trade agreements are fun like that. Like why would Japan or China buy rice from us when they grew it there?

7 :Anonymous2022/01/09(Sun) 23:21:39ID: hrzew3b

I've been seeing a constant shortage of many basic foods since shortly before the pandemic, and it has of course been getting progressively worse. Last night, the shelves were completely empty of most rice types, most pastas, and the only frozen potato products were two small bags of store brand tots. Fresh potatoes were available... but they all looked terrible, squishy with slimy bruises and tiny flies about.

The rice has been out of stock for over two weeks, the pasta and all forms of potatoes have been slowly diminishing over the past couple of months. The chip aisle has been reset and downsized recently as well.

If things continue to get worse at the same pace, I imagine people will start to panic. There is no low that the locals here won't go to, so it could get scary quickly.

ID: hrzne58

Can you give us an idea of where you live?

I’m in the northeast US and we haven’t any shortages (beyond toilet paper) since this whole thing began. It must suck to live in an area where that is happening.

ID: hrzrhe8

I'm in the northeast too (Upstate NY, near the Vermont border) and I've been seeing a lot of shortages. Fresh and local canned/preserved fruits and vegetables are fairly solid, but we're seeing a lot of rotating issues. English muffins, frozen tater tots, diet soda, various meats, etc.

ID: hrzr7rp

I live in Wyoming and we don’t have a lot of the stuff they mentioned. Shelves are empty all of the time and it’s just getting worse. My family on the east coast say they do not have this problem at all.

ID: hrzt0oj

Central Texas, West of Austin. We're one of the biggest towns without an interstate, so our consumer (and general life) experience has always sucked lol...

ID: hrzsmfn

I'm in ohio and a lot of stores are like that too. Basics like bread, pastas, rice and whatnot are low if not empty.

ID: hrzvuyn

I'm curious where all the shortages are happening too. I haven't noticed any lately - not since the first 6 months of the pandemic. I live in Baltimore. Not sure if I'm just lucky with where I shop or if I'm just magically not buying the items that are running short.

ID: hs0m17z

I'm in Maryland and while shortages haven't been bad I've seen more than toilet paper in the last couple years.

Beans was a notable one. I figured beans were a great buy during the pandemic because they never go bad really and they are decently filling.

Rice was everywhere but only had certain beans. Like no pinto? What kind of monster doesnt have pinto beans ?

Certain proteins were in or out of stock as was other products. But they will be out of stock for like 3 weeks then suddenly no more issues.

ID: hrzmqhg

We had plenty of everything til the snow and ice storms. Aldi’s seems well stocked.

ID: hs03knv

Have you tried WalMart?

The US is the largest food producer on the planet.

With the cheapest food in the world.

Food and weapons have always been the cornerstones of any civilization, and the US has plenty of both.

ID: hs05p5n

Walmart isn't worth visiting.

Anything frozen or refrigerated has almost certainly been left out to thaw/refreeze or reach nearly room temperature and be popped back into the freeze

during "cycling".

Their produce is consistently the worst quality possible... the flies I mentioned above were at HEB, which has it's own issues. Walmart takes insect and pest infestations to a whole nother level.

Dry goods such as rice, beans, nuts, coffee, sugar, chips (most anything that isn't a sealed can or jar, but even some of that too) comes in on the same trucks that carry everything non-food. Chemicals spilled in the trucks contaminate those food items regularly. Also, dead rodents and birds are commonly left in the trailers after unloading, and can even stay for multiple trips between distro and the same store.

Source; I worked as an unloader for Walmart and got to see every part of the store but the roof. There are few companies that care less about health and safety, because they can get away with it.

ID: hs063h1

Live in rural Pennsylvania right below NY. We haven't seen any shortages at all. That's odd you're having that many issues not too far away.

8 :Anonymous2022/01/09(Sun) 23:05:37ID: hrzcaid

There's going to be a lot of shortages in everything.

ID: hs0q6rd

"shortage" while companies make record profits!

ID: hs04hez

Why will there be a shortage of everything?

Should I invest in corn futures? Wheat futures? Pork Bellies? Frozen Concentrated Orange juice?

Do you have some insight you are willing to share? It's not a secret is it?

ID: hs0lbr3

People dumb so panic but people also no want to work for shit pay.

Less supply more demand.

9 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 02:04:59ID: hs044bv

Dude-potato’s are hella easy to grow, as long as you have some dirt and a spot outside. Shit, as much as I hate Amazon, they have some great 5 gal buckets specifically designed for growing potatoes on patios and porches.

ID: hs086gj

you can just use any 5 gallon bucket for this, no need to amazon one if you dont want to

10 :Anonymous2022/01/09(Sun) 23:04:17ID: hrzc2wd

There was no chicken in both Stop and Shop and Shopright today. What is happening?

ID: hrzwtvb

(indicates worldwide pandemic)

Seriously, you're seeing a tiny blip in the well-oiled machine that is a global trade network with buffers, reserves, etc.

How many chickens do you think need to be bred constantly year-round just to feed the US?

8 billion of them a year.

That's enough to give every single person on the planet one live chicken each and have spares left over. And you need to breed, farm, feed, shelter, grow, slaughter, process, chill, distribute etc. that many every single year, spread evenly throughout the year. 22 million chickens a day.

And when you then have farm-workers with COVID, logistic network hindrances, import problems (66m tons of chicken every year to the US), etc. then things start to slow and you start to notice small delays resulting in sporadic and unpredictable shortages.

The fact that someone is distributing 22m chickens around the US every single day of the year, and you see only a slight dip in two particular stores during a worldwide pandemic? That's fucking incredible.

You're living in incredibly privileged times. At no point in history prior have you been able to just say "I want to walk into a store any time and expect them to have readily available stock of chicken meat to satisfy all their customers".

And it's all based on a global trade network, a logistics operation of global scale, and industrialised production and storage of meat year-round, often on a just-in-time basis.

Welcome to real life, or at least a very small, brief glimpse of it, afforded to you by something that literally killed millions of people. And in a few more months, you'll have forgotten all about it, and it'll be 9 billion chickens a year instead of 8.

ID: hrzfdpc

Chicken shortages have been going on for months now... since the beginning of the pandemic, if you count the initial "temporary" ones due to outbreaks at processing plants. We had price hikes and limits on purchases first, now we're also seeing empty shelves.

ID: hrzzu61

In addition to what others have said, some places are struggling with avian flu at the moment and need to cull millions of birds.

11 :Anonymous2022/01/09(Sun) 23:11:15ID: hrzd74z

Krogers hasn't had frozen hash browns for weeks now.

ID: hrzl8oz

I have frozen hash browns and fries in my freezer right now.

I'm gonna be worth millions

ID: hrzn0i6

Instead of investing in crypto, you're down with cryo.

ID: hrzdvbq

Same here in Meijer

ID: hrzn3x9

I appreciate that not having that sort of product is inconvenient but does that really constitute a shortage?

ID: hrzppib

But when I make them they are always mushy…

ID: hrzn7al

Funnily enough Kroger is the only place I found frozen hash browns last week after going to 3 other chains.

12 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 00:29:14ID: hrzpmlo

But...everyone can grow potatoes. Even if you live in an apt. It's the easiest thing in the whole world to grow.

14 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 05:05:53ID: hs0u2wh

Oh great. Now we'll have 2 chip shortages.

15 :Anonymous2022/01/09(Sun) 23:25:45ID: hrzfjk2

It’s almost like folks didn’t take the pandemic seriously enough to get masked and vaccinated and now we’re seeing nickel-and-dime problems add up.

ID: hs00mk9

Food production has taken a bit of a hit from climate change as well.

16 :Anonymous2022/01/09(Sun) 23:36:16ID: hrzh7c1

Oh so that's why McCain fries are always out of stock ? Seem like fresh potatoes are fine here always there.

17 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 01:08:10ID: hrzvot5

Where will the Irish go this time?

19 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 01:31:46ID: hrzz69l

The Walmart I usually go to was out of frozen potatoes yesterday and the day before.

20 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 02:24:57ID: hs073f6

My fave target brand Ripple chips have been Mia lately. It all makes sense now.

21 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 03:18:16ID: hs0eyqz

I'm wondering how much of this is farmers scaling back production purposely.

During the beginning of the pandemic they were literally giving away bags of potatoes because people were not going out to eat during quarantine.

Maybe they are still trying to adjust for demand and undershot not wanting to get burned on overproduction again?

ID: hs0hvvm

Part of it might be that Canada stopped 20% of its potatoes exports to the US in November. There was/is a worry over potato wart in PEI and so we voluntarily stopped export.

Edit PEI exports enough potatoes to feed around 9 million Americans with fresh potatoes each year apparently.

24 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 04:35:39ID: hs0pvk4

"Even without supply chain issues, potato shortages crop up from time to time because of bad weather, blights or labor disputes."


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Wow an incredibly unhealthy food like potatoes are unavailable. I guess Americans are risking not being extremely obese.

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My jams are Rap Snacks Biggie chips and their quality has become shit. From frying them to complete lack of flavoring on them. Thought it was a fluke but.....