Home COVID tests to be covered by insurers starting Saturday

1 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 20:10:12ID: s0t7rd
Home COVID tests to be covered by insurers starting Saturday
2 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 20:10:12ID: hs3wr5b

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3 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 20:11:36ID: hs3wzbj

That great… so now I just have to freakin find one.

ID: hs3y8rs

Right? Each time I’ve gone by in my local store(s) they’re completely empty.

ID: hs45v37

Went to 7 stores yesterday looking for one. Had employees ignore me and treat me like shit for asking. One employee told me they aren't allowed to put a sign up saying they're sold out - so they'd rather have people that potentially have covid come in and shop around, hoping they impulse buy random shit?!

ID: hs4rxar

Y’all must not look very hard. I’ve ordered these many times over the last 6 weeks for people.

ID: hs3ytvq

this ... good move on insurance companies, paying for something no one can get.

ID: hs4qw4y

I just used my HSA to buy a few through Amazon and it was all surprisingly straightforward and quick. Local pharmacies though? no, not for the last month now.

4 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 22:07:53ID: hs4fwdo

Ahh, so this is why places have doubled the prices on them seemingly overnight.

ID: hs4hxnx

That and the mandate for retailers to sell them at cost expired.

5 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 20:41:38ID: hs41w1u

They might as well just start mailing them to our homes. Then again, porch pirates so maybe that's a bad idea.

ID: hs4b91u

Later this month, the federal government will launch a website to begin making 500 million at-home COVID-19 tests available via mail. The administration also is scaling up emergency rapid-testing sites in areas experiencing the greatest surges in cases.

ID: hs4keuv

Ah, so basically one per person. That's just...great.

ID: hs4ew86

Annnnnd it's going to be a shit show. I've yet to see a government agency, on any level, launch a site what wasn't s dumpster fire from the get go.

It will crash for weeks and then won't complete the tasks it was designed for.

ID: hs4lo5g

If they actually wanted you to test…

6 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 20:17:21ID: hs3xx1y

We have limited purchases to 2 kits whivh is 4 test per individual but they bring the whole crew and everyone buys the limit my guess is they are re-selling or hoarding

ID: hs45j0o

My CVS limits one per customer, which is really annoying because my household has 3 people.

ID: hs3y6fr

That’s disappointing. I’ve yet to see any on my local shelves but the limit is also 2 here

ID: hs414sw

I dunno if I went to buy for my family of 4 I would want 8, I'd settle for 4 but 2 is insufficient. I agree don't hoard and sell them but it provides peace of mind and earlier detection. If I can prove my family (insurance cards or similar) why shouldn't I be able to get them without bringing a 5 year old

ID: hs4809q

The ones sold in my local stores have two actual tests per kit and I think several others do as well

ID: hs4bdnc

or going to work or school on a daily basis. one kit doesn't do much for the other 2 kids.

7 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 20:15:35ID: hs3xms9

This is half of a huge breakthrough for stopping the spread. The second half is getting an adequate supply to retailers. Delivery trucks showing up at CVS making the place look like Black Friday.

ID: hs3ydrw

I can imagine…I asked my local pharmacy when they restock - if it’s done at start of day or whenever supplies happen to come through - and they said they have no way of predicting but they put them out as soon as they get them.

ID: hs44yrn

I wonder if some people are buying bulk or large amounts, with the intention to sell them off like others did with toilet paper and such.

8 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 22:58:58ID: hs4nr0f

I'm so sick of this stupid dystopian present timeline. Tests for a pandemic virus weren't free, and had to be debated as to whether they'd be covered.

10 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 23:29:42ID: hs4s8ac

been free for several months in UK.

ID: hs4ui19

what's next, the healthcare is free too?!

ID: hs4ta1v

That’s excellent, I’m very glad to hear that for non-US based citizens.

12 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 21:50:29ID: hs4d34d

genuine question... you guys have previously had to pay for these? jeebus chrispies!

ID: hs4p074

In theory. For the most part they're just entirely sold out until the covid wave ends.

ID: hs4tkjo

I’ve twice spent $75ish on three boxes of tests. I have to get that many because this is a four person household.

Now even when we have a sniffle or something that could be Covid, we haven’t tested because we don’t want to waste the tests. Basically we’re waiting until one of us gets a fever or something. I know it’s stupid. I know it’s not how this works, but with PCR tests backlogged and no rapid tests in sight, this is where we are.

ID: hs4ur22

that's awful & the extra stress that must be causing is just horrible.

i hope they get supply sorted and reimbursement properly happening really damn soon. really makes me appreciate the way things are running testing wise here, despite all the other shortcomings.

ID: hs4gapy

Got that right fellow hydromie

ID: hs4inle

god man, i dont know how, but i totally spaced on knowing that... the added stress that must have caused to so many households is mental. really glad things in that regard are changing!

13 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 23:03:40ID: hs4ofvv

Those looks like vhs tapes

14 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 21:13:07ID: hs470az

Forgive my European ignorance but this sounds like you're about to have the price for a test inflated to $6000.

ID: hs4pyjk

To some that's what it probably feels like. About 28 million people in the US don't have health insurance ~10%. Even with insurance, many can't afford the out of pocket $25 (Chicago price) for a box of 2, plus you have to meet the "out of pocket" expense threshold to get reimbursed at full $ for $ (depends on the individual policy)...unless they wave that for the tests, probably not though, health insurance companies control what the Feds can actually do. Most in the US live paycheck to paycheck, It can take a few weeks, some time more than a month to get reimbursed through this huge idiotic system. You also need to be constantly testing, it's a cash cow for everyone involved, except the patient.

Oh, and good luck finding a supply.

ID: hs4vk7v

Wait a minute, is the price $25 after insurance?

15 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 20:42:16ID: hs41zr5

Just in time for the downslope of omicron

ID: hs45p3a

Well, stock up now then. Covid ain't going anywhere.

18 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 00:16:46ID: hs4yu6s

It's too bad there was literally no way for the government to see this coming. At least all these companies were able to make as much as possible through the holiday surge. The timing of this definitely wasn't coordinated in any way.

19 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 00:40:28ID: hs528uo

Ridiculous insurance can’t start start covering it now. It’s not like the pandemic is on-hold