Newborn Tossed in Dumpster Found Alive

1 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 17:30:52ID: s0pg0p
Newborn Tossed in Dumpster Found Alive
3 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 01:35:38ID: hs5a9cg

"hours later, you can see three people searching through the same dumpster. They pull out a black bag and start looking through it. Seconds later a woman reacts to what’s inside and starts opening the bag. She pulls out the newborn baby – still alive, and tends to it."

The gang finds a dumpster baby!

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"D.B. It looks like you fell into the right dumpster."

5 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 01:39:36ID: hs5auq5

Hope this baby grows up to become something great in this cruel world

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I hope the experience doesn't turn the baby into a grouch.

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you really deserve gold for this one

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ID: hs695kv

If they'd been tossed in the blue dumpster they would have grown up to become a park bench.

6 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 21:56:17ID: hs4e1bw

The government just run ads on tv and social media about safe place to take unwanted kids. It might reduce this

ID: hs5ccmf

Yea a PSA shown once at 3 am is super helpful /s

ID: hs5rj5x

At least the night owls and people with sleep problems would know. Make the PSA weird and people will talk about it ( like some of the drug PSA's)

ID: hs4mgpj

I know of 'safe haven'

Not sure where I got the info from

But I'd bet, conservative states will be against the ad bc it might promote sex, just like how they don't want sex Ed in schools bx they think it promotes sex

ID: hs6e4pm

There are safe haven laws that allow a mother to surrender her newborn at designated locations such as hospitals, police stations, etc. There are safe haven baby boxes that allow the mother to put the infant in the box anonymously. More information at

7 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 20:00:33ID: hs3v6g6

Can you imagine finding a baby and know you saved its life, feeling your life mattered that you were at that exact spot at that exact moment and followed your gut and saved a life.

Just WOW.

ID: hs4jskc

They weren't thinking about having kids but the man who found him felt so attached to the child he threatened to break up with his partner over the child.

ID: hs5eg8d

Wow that’s pretty badass. I couldn’t imagine finding a baby and then ultimately adopting him. That’s nuts, kid got lucky as hell, not only was he saved he found a family.

ID: hs46gqp

I’ve saved trash pandas and opossums from dumpsters before and it’s a nice feeling of accomplishment but I’ve never found a human, thankfully.

ID: hs4ejjt

Not sure if you've actually saved baby raccoons and opposums from dumpsters, or are making a joke about raccoons and opposums liking dumpsters.

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ID: hs4sch7

I wish I could downvote you more than once.

ID: hs4tzlu

Did you legitimately just say that there's a "problem" with saving the baby?

8 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 19:26:30ID: hs3pm7x

Dee and Mac will take perfect care of the child.

ID: hs4mhxu

We’ll put it back where u found it, it doesn’t belong to u

9 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 17:33:19ID: hs36tks

So cruel! If you don't want the baby, just drop it off at any fire station. They will take it with no questions asked.

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I've always felt that there should be PSAs that air on tv & radio about local Safe Haven locations. During the 90s it seemed like there was always a variety of non-drug PSAs. I remember the little cartoon dinosaur that spoke to kids about maintaining dental health. Broadcasting local Safe Haven locations always seemed like a no brainer.

ID: hs479gu

I was working at an ER in Texas one night when a baby was left outside the door in a carrier with a note.Texas has a Baby Moses Law (Safe Haven) that specifies a baby less than 60 days old can be dropped off at any fire or EMS station or hospital but it states you must give the baby to an employee - this last part is what presents issues and scares people away.

In the case I mentioned the cops went shit crazy trying to identify the mom and prosecute her because she didn’t physically hand the baby to an employee even though she followed the law in spirit.

ID: hs4gszb

Let's start with easy access to birth control and real sex education classes. Not that I disagree with you. I don't.

ID: hs3k5vh

Good luck with that. That'd be part of sex-ed. No Evengelican will ever allow that in schools. The only message they'll ever allow in schools is: Girls must practice abstinence only, if she doesn't, girl gets married off. That's the only message they'll ever allow in schools. Those are the only two options that can be offered to kids: abstinence and marriage.

Effectively, they make marriage and motherhood a punishment for sex. Once you view it through that lens, plus add standard shame they throw into the mix, you end up with teenagers doing utterly stupid things like this one to try to get out of both punishment and shame. Committing a crime that's immeasurably worse than the problem they originally started from.

ID: hs42lba

I know it wouldn’t solve the actual problem but maybe safe haven posters on dumpsters?

ID: hs4fmbo

I'd prefer an abortion, but I guess I'll get sued now, so....

ID: hs6n3bl

Those murderers could spend 3 seconds on a google search. They probably just don’t give a shit, psychopaths.

ID: hs5ocrf

Honestly, in my town at least, if you dropped off a baby at the fire station everyone would know about it.

The people who run the fire department of volunteers and, around here, happen to be racist, conservative hicks who apparently forget that they were born/raised in New Jersey and not Alabama. They have no respect for anyone and would absolutely not respect someone’s privacy in this situation. They’d get drunk and tell everyone and talk about it for decades.

10 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 22:05:07ID: hs4fghr

Get ready Texas and Mississippi!

11 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 18:54:07ID: hs3k89j

I cannot imagine being so scared - so hopeless - that I would leave a defenseless infant to die. What level of pain and desperation could drive someone to this.

ID: hs46int

I research John/Jane Does as a sorta morbid hobby, and so many times when an infant is found like this, people immediately jump to conclusions about the mother. That she was heartless, couldn't see how amazing babies are, etc. It really grinds my gears. Too often the mother was clearly a child herself.

ID: hs4fqfx

I cannot imagine living with the memory of abandoning a child like that - and I am child-free by choice

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ID: hs3qn2s

When you expect your family and society around you completely disown you and shun you for having sex, it makes you pretty desperate.

ID: hs5r10x

Society and family shun or disown you vs. murdering a newborn baby? Anyone that puts that much weight in the opinions of others (enough to kill an alive baby) needs help.

ID: hs3poxa

This is America.

ID: hs4gwhi

Sadly, yes.

12 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 19:03:44ID: hs3lu4e

And he's taking a stroll

ID: hs65356

My Fanny needs a blanket and somebody to spank it

13 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 06:16:29ID: hs6bo8y

Amy Barret do your duty as a Supreme Court justice practice what you preach adopt this child.

15 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 22:45:40ID: hs4lqsi

No surprise! When you can’t find the resources to terminate a pregnancy when it’s still a zygote!

17 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 19:02:20ID: hs3llqx

I was going to make a joke about the "Dumpster being found alive" but I don't think I can even.

I'm glad the child was rescued.

ID: hs3rjxq

The dumpster was alive, and they fed it a baby!

ID: hs604ib

I was wondering why nobody was talking about the living dumpster myself.

Baby munching monster! Thankfully their digestive systems are slower than a sarlaac.

18 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 17:34:17ID: hs36ze6
ID: hs37p10

Just to get nice base roasting, golden brown or real tan

ID: hs3eb93

Juuust to get a base

ID: hs39dda

Someone is not going to get this reference and downvote you. Lol.

It looks like a good opportunity to for scammin' to me. RIP Barnabas.

ID: hs3eqy5

RIP Barnabas.

So Barnabas was Dee's fake baby to scam the IRS with

D.B. was Mac and Dee's Dumpster Baby they wanted to turn in to a model.

19 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 03:34:22ID: hs5rn48

Why not drop the baby off at a hospital?

20 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 01:27:12ID: hs5909c

I’m struggling to understand the general opinion of the comments here. Are people really supporting her? She literally threw a live baby in the bin. She could have literally spent 2 seconds to think of a better solution than killing a live baby and leaving it in public

ID: hs5w61p

You symphatise with choices you would make yourself. This isnt specific to this post you will get the same comments again when a story like this comes up.

ID: hs5fk05

No they aren’t supporting her. They are empathetic to her situation even as they condemn her actions.

I have panic attacks. I’m not saying I would throw away a baby, I know there are safe places to bring them, but I can imagine being in the state of mind to not think to try to find out what to do with an unwanted baby and fearing for your own life should you keep it. Of being in the state of mind where you literally can’t think aside from how to escape the feeling twisting In your body and wanting to rip your own skin off because you’re so scared. I can easily see how someone could take the leap of: if I keep this we will both end up homeless and die, if I get rid of it and no one knows I might live at least.

Again, her choice was the second worst possible one she could have done (first being outright killing it herself immediately) and she needs to face repercussions. But I think they need to be doled out in mind of the broader context of her life. Mental health support along with jail time basically, guidance on what she should have done, and sex education in general.

I didn’t read the whole article but was getting the vibe that she is an uneducated teen in a Uber religious area and not some crazy trashy lady being like whoop don’t want this anymore *toss.

ID: hs5zcg8

If you read the article she found out she was pregnant on 1/6/22 and was 18. This is someone with such poor health literacy she didn’t even realize she was pregnant all 9 months. And then she gave birth alone in a bathroom and cut her own umbilical cord. What she did was horrible, but you can also empathize that she was in a shitty situation and probably wasn’t really understanding her reality

22 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 20:58:32ID: hs44n16 can any human do that to a newborn?. It is just beyond me folks.

ID: hs4c7jl

Exactly. I got downvoted a bunch for saying the 18 year old mother should get prison time. I just don't understand this society.

ID: hs4h9yk

You are right.

ID: hs4qkem
ID: hs4qj8d
23 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 23:26:45ID: hs4rsze

I am wondering if those of you defending her are doing so because the baby was saved? What if she killed the baby THEN put it in the dumpster? Would you still defend her?
Look at all the horrible stories of mothers and fathers killing their children. No one defends them saying they grew up in a bad home, give them a pass this once. Plenty of people grow up in horrid situations and can still make good decisions. She is a horrible person for doing this.

ID: hs525t5

It's not about the person, it's about the situation they're in. No one here is saying abandoning a child in an unsafe location is a good thing. When someone is terrified, they will do irrational things to try and escape the terror, it's part of what makes us human. Instead of wasting energy shaming this person who ended up in a terrible situation, we should try to understand how they ended up there, and how we can fix those problems to try and prevent this from happening again. Shaming the individual serves no purpose other than to tell other potential mothers that they will be criticized for their actions too, causing more incidents like this.

ID: hs6zoxd

Easy, and free access to abortions.

ID: hs4t5kn
ID: hs5641u

It’s not an “angel” it’s a baby and that baby could grow up to be Ted Bundy. Lmao.

ID: hs4w6nw

I have heard these stories over the years. Some are teens, some older and I have never seen any of them defended like so many people on here are. It's nonsense.

26 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 18:05:14ID: hs3c4jf

This is why I hate some people. Smh.Edit: I don't really hate everyone. Just can't understand people doing these things. Just tough to see.

ID: hs3j4j0

Most of these cases are caused by societal failure. Rather than hating everyone, ask yourself why this keeps happening and actively work to take steps to prevent it.

Free birth control. Comprehensive sex ed. Access to abortions. Removal of the stigma surrounding teen parents. Safe havens for women leaving abusive relationships. A robust safety net to care for newborns and first-time mothers. Ongoing support for stay-at-home parents. Quality education and reliable, affordable childcare.

Surprise, surprise: the countries that invest in these things have almost no incidents of dumpster babies.

ID: hs3jb38

I can't agree more.

ID: hs41vhx

With respect for your hopeful position, we're willing slaves. The only reason we lack any amenity you list is because we don't demand it. These subjects are treated like gifts that Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Betsy Devos and Joe Manchin should give to us for good behavior.

There are 7 billion of us and growing "vs" a 0.01% of people who need a yacht on every continent more than they need their workers to have basic life needs. But fear of even a relative inconvenience or instability sees us going to work and living every day without these, preferring the known boot on our neck to the discomfort of forced change. It is on every one of us, and we don't deserve to avoid the blame.

ID: hs3k0w8

I too hate everyone.*

*everyone being those who oppose abortion, education, access to birth control, and robust social services and protections

ID: hs3g9ey

This is no reason to hate EVERYONE. I think a majority of humans are decent enough not to throw their baby in a dumpster. But I get where you are coming from. Things are so grim right now it’s hard not feel that way

ID: hs3h2rt
27 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 18:58:05ID: hs3kw7a

The mother better get prison time and not just a slap on the hand. Yes 18 is young but there is no excuse.

ID: hs4qmev
ID: hs3q5um

The mother better get prison time and not just a slap on the hand. Yes 18 is young but there is no excuse.

Most of these cases are caused by societal failure not individual malice.

ID: hs4d5yj

She is 18 which is legally an adult. This is not just horrific but cruel. We're talking about a human baby. I can't believe it still happens with all the safe Haven laws.

ID: hs55oyj

Wtf are you talking about lmao. Society doesn't make you throw away a baby. I can't imagine how powerless you must feel.

ID: hs4hj9p

Then bring her parents in and investigate them and see why this didn't go another way. If you actually read other versions of the story, it says she gave birth in her parents' bathroom and her mother claims ignorance of the entire situation, which is BS to me, or at the very least complete and utter failure to be a parent.

But she shouldn't just get off easily for this either. She knows she was condemning a baby to death. At the end of the day, societal failures do not absolve someone of that decision to me.

ID: hs3qm9r

They're a teenager who didn't know better. I doubt they threw their newborn in a dumpster because they're evil. It's more likely that they had a child they could not care for and thought this was the only way.

Comprehensive sex education would combat this.

ID: hs4gpxj

They're a teenager who didn't know better.

This is a horrible statement to back up.

Society has issues but that does not absolve what she did. There is a reason this is charged as attempted murder.

She knows she is condemning a baby to death. "Didn't know any better" is not valid for that.

She shouldn't be able to return to a normal life as if nothing happened, but I think the parents also need to be pulled into this situation and investigated. (EDIT: I mention her parents because you can see other details in other versions of the story. She apparently gave birth in their bathroom and her mother claims ignorance of everything.)

ID: hs4cl0m

I don't buy it. An 18 year old? Nope, she has some evil in her.

ID: hs4qrl8
29 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 19:04:41ID: hs3lzuw

Dumpster?? Ho, man, I wish. Dumpster-brand trash bins are top-of-the-line. That was just a Trash-Co waste disposal unit.

31 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 00:29:56ID: hs50q8g

An actually dumpster baby!

32 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 17:39:33ID: hs37ua1
ID: hs3i4j4
33 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 01:35:25ID: hs5a853

I am privileged enough or fortunate enough or naive enough to not understand why this would happen. Why? I know raising a child is expensive and mentally challenging, but I can’t imagine why the parents wouldn’t at least leave the baby at a hospital or police station? Are they afraid of persecution?

34 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 03:40:25ID: hs5shol

What in the world is wrong with people?!?

35 :Anonymous2022/01/10(Mon) 22:25:52ID: hs4iq1g

Please tell me this is fake

37 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 07:15:04ID: hs6h1m0

This is going happen a lot more when republicans ban abortion. It's not like republicans will give a shit.

38 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 08:28:58ID: hs6n0ff

Damn it Brenda. Not again.

39 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 06:20:33ID: hs6c2mc

Fetuses and infants aren't sentient yet. They're little more than biological machines until months post-birth and are nothing more than a dependent, loud burden when you take emotion and oxytocin out of the equation.

Contrast them with even newborn calves, which are affectionate and playful and relatively independent, which humans merrily slaughter for veal without spending a thought on the hypocrisy.

ID: hs6rw3h

you sound unwell

ID: hs6hbz2

But veal tastes better than babies

40 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 02:04:31ID: hs5eiie

Patient aged out of the socialist benefit system and now has the liberty to buy health care anywhere they please. Freedom wins!