Justice Dept. creating unit focused on domestic terrorism

1 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 16:30:15ID: s1gy5u
Justice Dept. creating unit focused on domestic terrorism
3 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 17:10:06ID: hs89j11

Seems good on paper but its going to be used an excuse to increase watch of Americans. Still cant believe the patriot act is still in effect. Biggest slap to the US constitution for decades.

ID: hs8oysr

The Patriot Act expired without renewal back in March 2020, about 20 years too late but it is no longer law.

ID: hs8rpph

Holy shit I knew it was vetoed once but I thought it was put back?

ID: hs92400

And those agencies have stopped all their naughty behaviour, WINK

ID: hs9fv2c

but it is no longer law.

IIRC, the "USA FREEDOM" act took its place. Same shit, different name.

ID: hs8d59k

I worry about modern day COINTELPRO.

Also - let us NEVER FORGET that the FBI and federal agents worked with local police in Portland in 2020 to kidnap and detain protestors in unmarked vehicles (and held them without charges)

ID: hs8rf97

That was actually DHS, not the FBI.

Which is actually an important distinction here. DHS is already responsible for domestic terrorism, creating a DOJ Task Force (instead of expanding existing programs or creating something new within DHS) is a pretty clear indicator that the WH isn't happy with the job DHS has been doing. And DOJ definitely has the reputation of generally greater competence and professionalism compared to DHS.

ID: hs8ge1v

They also acted on behalf of the US MARSHALS as a federal HIT SQUAD in the case of Michael Reinoehl.

ID: hs8nxc6

I worry about modern day COINTELPRO.

It already

. Adding an agency to focus solely on domestic terrorism, in and of itself, isn't going to change that. BUT... like every structural reorganization, what it requires to work is proper oversight.

As long as people exist, some people will abuse anything for their personal agenda. But one positive out of this is that you've got a specific task force whose numbers can be audited and singled out very quickly: "Last year, how many white supremacist organizations did you investigate? How many black activist organizations did you investigate?" That data will all be in one place.

This is why engagement with your elected representatives matters... they're the ones sitting on the committees that ask the questions that comprise the oversight of these agencies.

Also - let us NEVER FORGET that the FBI and federal agents worked with local police in Portland in 2020 to kidnap and detain protestors in unmarked vehicles (and held them without charges)

They did this legally which goes back to my point about engagement.... if people weren't paying attention when Congress enacted the Homeland Security Act of 2002, they should have been.

The HSA is reauthorized by the National Defense Authorization Act with small amendments every year. One of these amendments restricted some of the powers of 40 USC §1315 to clarify that it was only under conditions of civil unrest and a failure of local law enforcement to execute the laws that a federal agency could apprehend and interrogate persons in connection with attacks on federal property... but if that did not go far enough, nobody wrote their Congressmen and Congresswomen about it during the 2007-2008 congressional session in which it was amended.

We're talking about it now because white Americans were complacent about it from just before all the way through the entirety of the Obama administration... because until Portland, they were by and large unaffected by the legislation that had people like me getting strip searched at airports because someone stuck a match in a shoe.

I want to be very clear that just because this happened doesn't mean that I would rather take four more years of that dipshit Trump and his armies of morons just to spite the liberals who didn't know that it takes more than just casting your vote for a black man to fix systemic racism... But only now, when the laws you wrote to punish Americans of color are used against you, do you care.

EDIT: And for those saying they didn't have a voice until they came of age. You may not have had the ability to vote but clicking an electronic ticket every four years is not where democracy begins and ends.

Democracy is imperiled when we say things like "it's not about race for me". Democracy isn't just about you, or just about me. Adams didn't defend Preston because he thought the British soldiers were in the right. He defended Preston because he believed that all persons deserved a fair trial. This is what Paine meant when he wrote about the "summer soldier and the sunshine patriot" in The American Crisis.

Fascism takes root when you aren't motivated to care about things that don't affect your comfortable majority. Welcome to adulthood.

You think I know half the criminal code because someone posted it on Wikipedia? I looked it up, read it statute by statute, traced its historical precedents and case law that followed, because, as an immigrant and a person of color, I don't have the luxury of waiting for white kids to turn 18, wipe the crust from their eyes, catch up, and realize that democracy cannot function on autopilot. Your voice is more than just your ability to vote.

Democracy isn't a social media "like". It's not posting on Twitter to customer service and hoping they get back to you. It's reading law texts. It's listening to every SCOTUS case's oral arguments going back more than 50 years.

It's about boots on the ground. It's about picking up the phone, or typing, yes, typing, actual letters and sending them to your Congressional representatives via certified mail because they do not read their social media accounts. It's about scheduling meetings with the Superintendent of Schools to discuss policy, attending city council meetings... all things I did before I was 18 and I continue to do to this day.

If you've not been engaged, you need to be engaged... on every level, including race. Fascists aren't putting their plans on pause for me, you, or anybody else.

ID: hs8r1da

Unfortunately, modern day COINTELPRO already exists.

ID: hs9cyfw

Just look at the entrapment the FBI did with the Michigan assholes they caught conspiring to kidnap the governor. It’s dirty. Cointelpro methods haven’t stopped.

ID: hs8gfow

Yeah that shit was messed up and love that the people upvoting this top comment had no issue with that. At least the conservative who act like they love freedom and the constitution.

ID: hs8e52w

idk I feel like civil asset forfeiture is a bigger slap.

I mean, the 4th amendment literally protects against exactly what civil asset forfeiture is, but the courts ruled that it was ok since they are charging the money with a crime, not the owner of said money. But then also, since its not a person, the money has no rights, doesn't need a fair trial or lawyer. Its all such a blatant perversion of the intent of the law.

The fed being allowed to watch you for no particular reason is troubling, but not as blatantly anti-constitutional as police being able to literally take your money without charging you for a crime.

ID: hs8w586

Once again whacko California helped take a pot shot at civil forfeiture with their 2016 law requiring a criminal conviction and capped the amount at 40k. The law even made it to SCOTUS who upheld it under the 8th amendment.

Of course, law enforcement can just work with the feds to end-run around the state law, and individual states get to set what is "excessive", but it *is* kind of a nice start.

ID: hs8ffny

How do you charge an object with a crime? How does an asset have intent?

ID: hs8qry2

The patriot act is also a violation of the 4th

ID: hs8risf

I recently saw a headline stating that in CA (I think) the the police had stolen twice as must in CAF as all theft in the state

ID: hs8d4xr

Not American but had the exact same thought. With headline policy announcements like this, the devil is in the detail.

ID: hs8g94r

I think this logic and mindset is why we have report after report of mass shooters having people come forward saying they told the FBI. I don’t think this is to allow mass surveillance on everyone (even though Snowden showed us it’s happening already.)

I’d like to think this task force will just not be the one every news source calls out as the ones who let a mass shooter go on with his day. Maybe I am wrong. But maybe just maybe we could have address this mass shooting issue before we got to this point.

ID: hs8nn0m

Except Snowden didn't show you any such thing.

He showed you there is a system in place for the mass gathering of data, which isn't monitored but can be referred to when a terrorist attack is being planned or a major crime is taking place and a court permits investigation. All of his is overseen by elected representatives you elect to office, both Democrat and Republican.

ID: hs8u7ov

I'd argue the biggest slap to the constitution was January 6 and that the creation of the department to deal with that pocket of society Is entirly justified.

ID: hs8uhug

The bigger picture is a system where the government knows everyone is guilty of something thanks to constant monitoring and uses it as leverage like china does.

ID: hs8ea5u

This signals that the DOJ is finally getting serious about investigating Trump. We can expect the indictments any day now.

ID: hs9da3z

Ok so whats your solution? Youre POTUS whatcha got?

4 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 18:35:20ID: hs8nnon

This can't ever be used the wrong way. The documentary series 24 starring Kiefer Sutherland taught me this.

ID: hs8zi85

I wouldn't have considered 24 to be in the documentary category

ID: hs8zrsx

Watch it again then

ID: hs94vrf

Would you prefer white supremacy and the domestic terrorism it inspires be ignored? Or is there some better response to this pervasive and growing issue?

ID: hs97vwe

Yeah I'm sure this will only ever be used against white supremacy and domestic terrorism. No way this will ever be abused.

ID: hs9fflu

What happens when the next one gets elected?

ID: hs97vn6

Would you prefer white supremacy and the domestic terrorism it inspires be ignored?

I'm gonna give you one guess as to what they'd prefer.

ID: hs99mi0

I thought it was science fiction because his phone battery lasts for 24 hours pf near constant use. lol

5 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 16:56:17ID: hs879a0

Ahh, as the argument for better working conditions gains steam and the trust in the American government is at an all time low. I’m sure this department won’t be an abuse of government authority whatsoever

ID: hs8ahr5

I remember years ago, when the fbi reported just how big a threat domestic terrorism was. Even recently when they said white nationalists were planning to spread covid.

I'm genuinely curious to see who they start labeling, now, after all this time.

ID: hs8lqat

They didn't just say it was a big threat. They pointed out the focused effort by white nationalists to embed themselves in law enforcement. Wonder how many of them will be involved in this.

ID: hs8rg61

Republicans will use it to keep tabs on liberal activists.

ID: hs9feik

You forgot the general dissatisfaction with the Federal government from both the right and the left.

6 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 17:57:47ID: hs8hh16

"This will just be used to jail protesters!"

So business as usual, then?

ID: hs96f09

Not sure why the right cares, since they're passing laws that make it legal to kill protestors.

ID: hs9dcwg

Because in their minds they're the freedom fighters and all their grievances are just and everyone else's are meant to be ignored or outright silenced by any means necessary. Peaceful protesting in the street. You deserve to get ran over. Get in a standoff with the feds like the Bundy supporters or storm the capitol building to overturn an election and kill the vice president. Gotta hear them out and gain context.

ID: hs9dbbf

Im actually curious about what youre talking about, care to elaborate?

10 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 17:28:51ID: hs8cn7i

This worked out great post 9/11

11 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 16:54:34ID: hs86z0m

Oh nice, bringing the war on terror home. I’m sure this will go well and not be used to (further) detain protestors and activists in the future. /s

12 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 18:00:02ID: hs8huep

Sounds like the patriot act part 2 to me

13 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 16:36:55ID: hs84338

Wow, certainly took them long enough. What happened to all those other counter-terrorism units we created after 9/11?

ID: hs8s58c

They mostly arrested the mentally ill and rubes who were lured into committing acts by FBI informants & under cover agents.

ID: hs854ef

what happened to all those other counter-terrorism units

If you weren't holding a Koran Quran, they ignored you.

ID: hs8glr8

Yeah and the ones we worry about doing domestic terrorism now are the same who work forces. Or however the rage lyric goes.

ID: hs8ffho


Yep, and now we have to look back at all the anti-muslim actions by the US leaders. I'm not a muslim but I feel for those who have suffered unjustly at the hands at zelos US leaders and their subathorites over, what can be fairly compared to as a faulty crusade.
The track record shows how much corruption comes with such "new units".

ID: hs8ss82

Thank Allah my Quran is safe.

ID: hs86cm5

What happened to all those other counter-terrorism units we created after 9/11?

They cured terrorism and now everyone is safe, duh

ID: hs89x25

It's why they repealed the Patriot Act. Mission Accomplished!

ID: hs8u132

yeah i thought the department of homeland security would take care of this

ID: hs86zz9

The FBI literally has been sitting on a report about the dangers of domestic terrorism/white supremacist groups and the infiltration of law enforcement since 2004. It took congressman Raskin leaking the report before it even saw daylight.

That said, what worries me is that if the GOP comes back into power, such groups are going to be used to target groups like BLM and GLAAD or anything remotely associated with progressive causes or equality.

ID: hs89a6h

I'm a bit cynical but as soon as I saw the headline I was sure it eventually would

ID: hs8vxc5

That said, what worries me is that if the GOP comes back into power, such groups are going to be used to target groups like BLM and GLAAD or anything remotely associated with progressive causes or equality.


No, no.... WHEN.

WHEN the GOP retake power, and they will, you can bet this law will be aimed at BLM, and Antifa, and GLAAD, and every other left-wing group that is singing it's praises right now.

Might be 2024, might be 2064, but it will happen. And this agency will still exist, and it will be abused. And the same people cheering it right now, will be crying how it's unconstitutional and an invasion of privacy in 20 years.

What's that saying people like to use? Oh yeah:

I never thought leopards would eat MY face, says person who cheered on the Department of Leopards Eating Peoples Faces.

ID: hs8dltf

Yeah, it doesn't really matter if they make a taskforce when they're the ones defining "terrorism", and any old fascist can just define it as "people that don't support me politically" and start siccing the dogs on people.

ID: hs8dwbf

Also, in 2009 the FBI and DHS were going to announce a huge report on the growing threat of white nationalist and other right-wing terrorism in the US, but someone leaked it to right-wing media and they framed it to sound like it was something Obama (even though he had no knowledge of the report coming) was doing as a black man to attack white people, so they back-burnered it.

ID: hs8cwlm

FBI has been aware of white supremacists infiltrating law enforcement for over 15 years. This PBS article is from back in 2016…

ID: hs8n6ex

They already have the power to target left & liberal groups and they do

ID: hs884kc

I worry about this too. Especially considering how many white nationalists in positions of power consider BLM and “Antifa” to be domestic terrorists. Language and framing is so important and powerful — and inform policy and legislation and who will be targeted.

ID: hs89cs6

Mark my words, this is exactly what will happen if we allow the GOP to come back into full force. We saw the start of it when Trump labelled BLM the same kind of extremist movement as Antifa during that one speech. The same Antifa which, itself, has been overly villified for its aggressive stance against facism. Which says a lot about where the GOP's values now lie, and what kind of dissent they're seeking to crush.

But it isn't too late to get out there and get involved with your communities. And most importantly, VOTE. This country is still a democracy, and we need to keep it that way by exercising our legal right to vote for future WE want for OUR country.

ID: hs8cj7g
ID: hs8c78x

The GOP has proved it is willing to overturn Democracy itself to stay in power, I don't trust them with anything to be honest.

ID: hs883yg
ID: hs8q1ch

Since 9/11 they have been setting up stooges in Mosques to run "bomb plots" entirely ginned up by the FBI. There have been dozens, mostly young dumb guys talked into it by the FBI.

ID: hs8dqme

A few of those units published papers about how then-candidate Obama's 2008 campaign was driving white nationalist recruitment efforts and the Republican party went fucking nuts about it and had them shut down.

ID: hs8n374

the 2009 report getting buried will end up as a historic mistake

15 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 20:33:48ID: hs970yw

It's the good ole boys getting trading and money from the FBI. A good chunk of them are compromised due to the trump bandwagon.

16 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 16:44:57ID: hs85dw4

I thought that was what the NSA was for

ID: hs89bsg

On paper, they're not allowed to surveil Americans. In practice is another matter, but broadening their scope to domestic terrorism would blow that story wide open.

ID: hs8d1g2

I thought that was just the cia? Cia abroad, and nsa at home?

ID: hs8d2wp

Not like rules or laws every stopped the NSA before. Man, imagine if they actually gave a fuck about terrorism like they pretended after 9/11.

ID: hs86iv6

We have like fifty government departments working on this. It'll never end. "Terrorism" means whatever you want it to at the time.

17 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 19:01:46ID: hs8s11s

So the Justice Department is going to be investigating groups run by FBI Informants & Agents?

18 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 18:32:04ID: hs8n4g0

I honestly don’t know if the top posts in this thread are real are not…

ID: hs9b9fb

This whole thread is bizarre. It's like reddit collectively wiped Jan. 6th from it's brain for JUST this thread.

19 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 21:26:34ID: hs9fqy8

Next Republican President is going to wield this against BLM rioters.

20 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 18:23:44ID: hs8lqla

Easy to catch a fish when you stock the pond.

22 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 20:02:22ID: hs91wyd

So like when a guy in waukesha drives an SUV through a Christmas parade? Are we going to look into his motivations?

24 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 16:37:46ID: hs847z8

Closing the barn door after the horse has left, found love, squired offspring, and died of old age.

ID: hs87cc6

squired offspring

You may mean "sired", just FYI.

ID: hs8deqq

Nah man the horses children became valiant knights

ID: hs88bf8

The horse didn’t die, he got banned from Twitter.

ID: hs8xup9

At least he's out of the hospital

ID: hs910qa

Plenty of other horses in the barn though. I don't think this is the right move. FBI or Homeland should already be tackling this. Don't need for police bloat at the federal level.

EDIT: OK, this seem to be a unit within another department, not a whole new department.

ID: hs95qsb

I’m pretty sure this is intended to put the offspring on trial.

25 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 17:58:21ID: hs8hkci
ID: hs95uno

You don’t think white supremacist terrorism is a real threat to the nation?

26 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 17:38:54ID: hs8ebct

Isn't one of the functions of the FBI to investigate domestic terrorism? Why create a whole new department. Seems like spending money foolishly.

ID: hs8h63p

They get a new headline for PR.

ID: hs9ewqb

The FBI is too busy collaborating with Patriot Prayer and the Oathkeepers to pay attention to domestic terror.

27 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 19:21:24ID: hs8v7kn

And there's no shortage of people cheering on what would have been Senator McCarthy's wettest dream made manifest...

I would hope people aren't so short sighted as to not see how this will be abused to no end, but then again I am used to disappointment.

In 10 years the same people cheering this will be crying and calling it an invasion of their privacy when they find you that they're on "the list".

Imagine if this same exact thing, had been proposed in 2017, under Donald Trump. How would you feel about it then? How would you feel about Donald Trump starting up this exact same program against say Antifa? And you can bet Antifa WILL be on this list. If you don't like this in 2017 with Donald Trump at the helm, you should not like it now.

ID: hs9fkmi

People don’t get it at all. They want to see that anyone against this is obviously a WS or terrorist and that’s what they do and then live happily ever after….until in 3 years THEY are the terrorist and they won’t blame themselves, it’ll be the other teams fault.

29 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 19:26:47ID: hs8w38r

Taking weed out of the drug war freed up a lot of po-lice.

ID: hs92r69

When did they stop arresting people for weed?

30 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 19:39:43ID: hs8y74n

Didn’t we create The Department of Homeland Security for this purpose?!? You know, after terrorism. #facepalm

32 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 20:13:55ID: hs93sej

How was this not a thing already?

33 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 20:14:42ID: hs93wwe

They better start hiring...

34 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 20:16:21ID: hs946ko

Day late and a dollar short?

I hope not

35 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 20:40:55ID: hs986un

So what are the odds they go after white nationalists vs workers rights groups?

36 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 20:46:37ID: hs994mv

They're about a year late

37 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 20:48:26ID: hs99fci

Good. Work on antichoice violent extremists. Their crimes have been ignored as the domestic terrorism that it is, for way too long.

38 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 21:25:03ID: hs9fhty

I wonder what top donor needed a cushy high ranking government position?

40 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 21:32:36ID: hs9gqyb

Sooo... between CIA, FBI, NSA, DHS, and ATF, we don't have enough agencies to handle domestic terrorism?

41 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 18:59:46ID: hs8rpdj

Oh God.

They should focus on financial terrorism instead of another excuse to spy on Americans.

42 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 17:57:35ID: hs8hfsr

Sounds like a good idea on paper. But it all lies within the discretions at which they can exercise said power.

43 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 18:42:05ID: hs8os59

I'm sure this wont go off the rails and become a threat to democracy.

45 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 21:36:03ID: hs9hbdc

Guaranteed to almost exclusively be used against left-wing grassroots orgs and not against actual domestic terrorist groups.

46 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 17:32:21ID: hs8d83m

My worry is who this unit will actually be focusing on. Government has a long history of attacking labor movements with units just like this. I hope they actually go after the increasingly violent extremist movements. I'm worried it's a smoke screen to go after the rising workers movements.

ID: hs8k2qg

I won't worry about that for the next three years. If another right wing lunatic takes the presidency in 2024 then we will have a lot to worry about, including this.

ID: hs8nkdj

Biden isn't exactly pro-labor. That's one of the bigger causes for concern here.Orgs like this have pretty much exclusively been used against labor movements, social justice groups like the Black Panthers, and Muslims. The Democratic Party has just as bad a history with those groups as the Republicans, especially ones of Biden's more neoliberal ilk.

47 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 17:59:28ID: hs8hr0r

Terrible idea.

What even is domestic terrorism?

Acts to overthrow the current government? Voting in an election counts as an attempt to overthrow the government.

Acts to lead or guide from the shadows in an attempt to force things your way? Any journalist can be targeted then.

Acts to cause fear / make people uncomfortable? Every protestor for any reason is now a domestic terrorist.

Physical attacks on government property? Why have a special department then? This is a clear line that doesn't need a separate unit. Even so, what is an act of vandalism and what is domestic terrorism?

There is no baseline definition which does not include the silent "that i disagree with" part. Going after your own citizens is what tyrannical governments do, and domestic terrorism is exactly that. We have laws, and citizens obey them. Since when do we need a special unit to investigate "special" law breakers? They're just using the word terrorism to scare people into digesting this poison pill.

ID: hs8lakt

We have witnessed plenty of right wing terrorism over the past five years:

- The January 6th insurrection
- Boogaloo Boys traveling to protests in order to do harm and damage
- School boards and election officials being terrorized by right wing extremists and subsequently resigning

ID: hs96bxv

Thank you for sharing this. I appreciate your bravery in speaking to this issue. Sorry people are downvoting you.

ID: hs8prc8

Attempts to bomb DC, Portland, and Seattle. A car bomb in Tennessee. Attacks on churches and synagogues and mosques. Increasingly, calls for violence against medical professionals and teachers.

That's just the past 2 years, and for half of it they controlled the federal government.

ID: hs965g7

You don’t think any of the national white supremacist terrorist groups count as domestic terrorism?

ID: hs8j78q

planning acts of terror lmao like bombings, bio warfare, mass shootings, violent demonstrations

48 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 18:19:04ID: hs8kync

Countdown to them deploying it mainly against the left and... 3... 2... 1...

Same as it ever was.

49 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 17:02:29ID: hs88a9b

Dollars to donuts they'll screw this up in history proven ways to arrest 230 minorities for every white supremacist oath keeper out there.

ID: hs96fe6

What are some ways to prevent that from happening?

50 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 18:36:43ID: hs8nw3v

Parents at school board meetings better watch out

52 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 18:05:49ID: hs8is6z

With the current track record of the American government, and especially law enforcement, is this unit going to be investigating domestic terrorism or committing it?

53 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 18:29:11ID: hs8mnc3

Perpetrating or discovering? 🙂

55 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 19:05:54ID: hs8sp7d

On the one hand, we definitely need to go after the white supremacist terror groups operating within our borders. We also need to go after the firebrands using stochastic terrorism to inflame these groups.

And on the other hand, anti-terror police forces have a history of not going after actual terrorists, but rather being another tool to oppress the people. This unit had better be one of the most transparent ever created, because monitoring and arresting civilians is a very short step away from thought crimes and political intimidation.

ID: hs977iu

Thank you, these are very good things to be cautious about

56 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 19:23:50ID: hs8vlv4

Six years late is better than never.

57 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 20:39:00ID: hs97vdt

Sweet more tax dollars that won't do shit to actually combat the domestic terrorism problem we have here...

Can't wait to see this get used against BLM protestors instead of, ya know, the actual terrorists, and the police.

60 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 16:39:30ID: hs84i1f

They better start going after all of the right wing groups, consider they are listed as the greatest threat to America.

ID: hs88ajz

They'd be going after their own friends and family in that case, so don't have too much hope.

62 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 17:23:52ID: hs8bt7w

They don't already have one?

ID: hs8kt8n

If we did it's an absolute certainty that trump shut it down during his presidency

63 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 18:30:21ID: hs8mub9

Hope it doesn't get staffed with law enforcement! Otherwise might have a problem.

64 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 19:58:39ID: hs91b5u

Since parents complaints about school boards are now considered domestic terrorism, I wonder how this will pan out.

ID: hs9454x

lot of context missing in your comment no?

65 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 17:51:11ID: hs8gdbs

Creating it or combating it?

66 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 19:58:23ID: hs919ko

This is how it starts... Just the next step in sowing division.

67 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 17:00:22ID: hs87xsl

I'm sure they'll get those right wing terrorist groups this time and not just focus on "antifa" and "communists"!

68 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 17:58:57ID: hs8hnwi

This surely won't be disbanded by a future republican administration.

ID: hs8rxek

Too late. Obama already empowered the Department of Homeland Security to target neo nazi groups and one of the first things Trump did was cut funding to the project.

69 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 16:54:00ID: hs86vix
ID: hs875sg

Yeah. Let’s attack the people that are against fascism! I know we fought a war against fascism, but todays fascism is better because Trump said so!

Fucking dunce…….

ID: hs8dhmw

Jesus fucking Christ will you stop with the childish “they’re fighting fascism because their name is anti-fascist” bullshit? It’s the most toddler shit imaginable and literally nobody buys it.

It’s a partisan political violence group that’s all it is.

ID: hs884uz
ID: hs8cpvs

So we should be democracies like the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea?

ID: hs88pme

If you know something the police don't, you should tell them, not reddit.

70 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 19:56:26ID: hs90xwu

Parents better watch out as they slowly redefine domestic terrorism. Gotta catchem all.

71 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 18:50:09ID: hs8q473

I wonder how long before they decide that young people smoking dope, listening to rap music and talking about economic justice are the real terrorists.

72 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 18:00:04ID: hs8hujx

I'm flabbergasted that this wasn't already a thing. I'm torn about it though, what happens if (when) Republicans have the presidency and congress and start using this against progressive causes? The majority of conservatives already believe the federal government has been infiltrated by "communists" and accuse anyone left of their far right fantasies of being liberals commies and socialists and enemies.. It's too easy to abuse, just like the Patriot Act.

The wrong people in power will be labeling BLM and related groups as terrorists and going after them (while validating their base to do more of the same), it'll make the 2020 protests and riots seem like no big deal in comparison.

But it also goes to show that a lot of people give the US government and the alphabet agencies too much credit. This country and its government/democracy is much more fragile and vulnerable than we know. January 6th and all of the consequences of it proved that even further.... which is bad from both foreign and domestic angles.

74 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 18:46:14ID: hs8pgxm

Creating? I’m sorry, this shit didn’t exist? WHAT!?

75 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 18:58:58ID: hs8rksc

10 bucks say they spend 90% of their time going after tree spiker types

76 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 19:28:55ID: hs8wfqw

Could they focus on stopping it instead?


78 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 19:38:10ID: hs8xxw3

And the next time the Republicans win a presidential election they'll use it to investigate every minority group they can.

79 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 19:40:25ID: hs8yb7i

lol, be on the lookout for new members wearing suits and earpieces at your next DSA meeting.

80 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 19:57:57ID: hs916xa

Great, another government group staffed by closeted home grown terrorists….

81 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 20:12:19ID: hs93j3c

Conveniently most of them have giant flags on the back of their trucks around me, so it’s easy to keep an eye on them.

82 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 20:19:06ID: hs94mhh

Yay, another "police" unit filled with white supremacists that will target people of color and still do nothing against white Christian terrorists.

83 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 19:49:40ID: hs8zttv

“Domestic terrorism” as in... brown people and church that’s not white and Christian?

Yet the white supremacist, MAGAist, etc... go unchecked?

84 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 17:07:20ID: hs892o6

It's already infiltrated by right wing domestic terrorists

85 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 16:45:05ID: hs85elh
86 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 18:21:18ID: hs8lbsg

Oh goodie, I can hardly wait to see how the GQP perverts this once they get their grubby hands on it.

87 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 16:53:07ID: hs86q40

Good. There is clearly a need for this.

90 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 18:23:42ID: hs8lqdq

The real terrorists have entered the chat

91 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 18:58:13ID: hs8rgak

America waking up to the fact that Trump’s and the GOP legacy is serious shit. And not “just politics”.

92 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 19:00:32ID: hs8rtz9

Better late than never isn't applicable here. Take national security more seriously, and Jan 6th would have never happened. They made shirts for the occasion. They were long since prepared for it.

93 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 19:25:56ID: hs8vyaj

Good news we don't even need a group Mitch McConnell is right there in Washington then just work your way down his phone tree. You're welcome for the tip!

94 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 18:40:47ID: hs8okft

Hmmmmm. I have a great idea! How about we call them the National Security Administration!

95 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 19:08:03ID: hs8t1wa

We can all see this being used more against us than for us.

98 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 19:16:26ID: hs8uedf

Isn’t that homeland security?

100 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 19:24:07ID: hs8vngj

And it's just a bunch of lawyers?

102 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 19:46:30ID: hs8zb61

This wasn’t a thing already?!

104 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 19:50:10ID: hs8zwon

How about a unit specifically for right wing extremism? You know full well this will be used against the left whenever the far right are back in power. This has happened time and time again throughout American history: the far right commit crimes and the crackdown is on the left.

105 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 19:55:46ID: hs90two

I'm calling it now: in 10 years there will be another Snowden with a leak on how the FBI used this to target environmental and union advocates. The media will side with the government as per usual and the whistleblower will be forced to flee the country. Rinse repeat.

So telling that instead of addressing out long standing problems, politicians prefer the rise of autocracy.

106 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 20:02:59ID: hs920n6

Will they Target republicans or will they help them attack the captiol again?

108 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 20:04:36ID: hs92a2l

A lot of tattoo removal surgeries are going to be scheduled and then cancel because they ain’t vaccinated. You know who i am talking about.

109 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 20:12:08ID: hs93i1w

How long did this take them?

110 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 20:16:36ID: hs9483b

This can go very badly. The pessimist in me sees a new Red Scare with actual teeth behind this.

111 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 20:19:03ID: hs94m5f

Ah, so the war on terror isn't going so well, I see.

112 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 20:25:14ID: hs95mpb

Uh, we have been fighting the war on terror for how long? But yeah, I guess systemic racism doesn't exist.

113 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 20:26:47ID: hs95vqx

D... did we not already have something like this?

114 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 20:33:41ID: hs970a9

So what about the DHS? FBI? ATF? Maybe just merge them all into the "don't be a murderous psychopath" dept.

115 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 20:33:45ID: hs970p0

Telle me about them: the ALT Right, the KKK....etc.

117 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 20:35:32ID: hs97b5z

For prevention or to protect them?

119 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 20:46:01ID: hs990yy

And domestic terrorism is the right word for it.

120 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 20:46:44ID: hs995e2

What color shirts will they wear?

121 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 20:46:51ID: hs99604

Good, Lets go ahead and start on Wall Street and then mosey on over to big pharm.

122 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 20:48:03ID: hs99d2q


You mean we haven't had one of those like this whole time?

God damn we are garbage at government. Like worst team in the league bad. Holy crap.

123 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 20:55:35ID: hs9am45

This won't backfire I'm sure.

124 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 20:56:55ID: hs9atx3

So what is homeland security’s job?

125 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 20:57:30ID: hs9axgs

Don't we have one already and isn't it called the FBI?

ID: hs9ciea

I guess a lot of the FBI is siding with the terrorists.

126 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 20:58:25ID: hs9b321

Isn't this what Homeland Security is for?

127 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 20:58:59ID: hs9b6fu

Will this unit be going after cops or....?

129 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 21:01:22ID: hs9bkye

It should be noted that this unit will actually be focused on preventing domestic terrorism, as opposed to the Trump administration, which was actively fomenting it.

130 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 21:03:47ID: hs9bzjp

About to be a whole lotta police arrested in the coming months/years.

133 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 21:07:28ID: hs9cloj

Great way to waste more federal funding, and increase spying on normal American citizens in the name of safety and freedom. Wonderful. Love it.

134 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 21:07:56ID: hs9cogt

Domestic financial terrorism?

135 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 21:07:57ID: hs9coik

This the same government that says BLM and Antfia and right wing terrorists are the same?Gee wonder how they will spend their efforts.

137 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 21:15:43ID: hs9dykv

There are more Nazis in America now than there were in the 1930s, even though they wouldn't call themselves that, they are in all but name.

138 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 21:17:44ID: hs9eamt

This is bad. See the matrix.

139 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 21:21:56ID: hs9ezfy

Isn’t that what homeland security is for…. So many departments… So much 1984

140 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 21:22:38ID: hs9f3nw

Don’t regulate guns, just use it as an excuse to put everyone under the microscope and undermine privacy

141 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 21:23:36ID: hs9f9a5

I wonder what stats look like of prosperity for the middle class from 100 years ago to present look like and domestic terrorism cases from 100 years ago to present look like - in the US.

I also wonder what that looks like on a global scale too.

142 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 21:23:38ID: hs9f9h7

80 years late but better late than never.

143 :Anonymous2022/01/11(Tue) 21:23:46ID: hs9fa9z

Is this unit willing to investigate & arrest other law enforcement officers? Because that's where the majority of the problem lives...