Omicron so contagious most Americans will get Covid, top US health officials say

1 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 00:02:47ID: s2kzuf
Omicron so contagious most Americans will get Covid, top US health officials say
2 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 00:08:04ID: hsf5x3t

Healthcare worker here....this is legit. Already caught it myself and i was employee number 5 out of my lab in the last week. And we follow multiple precautions. Thank god im vaxxed so super mild but still. Stay safe please.

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We’re all getting this, the question is whether your immune system is prepped for it via vaccines or not.

I would NOT want to be unprotected right now with way hospitals are filling up.

Unvaxxed should not assume the care they need will be there if they need it.

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I got and my parents got it. All triple vaccinated and taking a Vitamin D regimen. I got through it fine, Dad did too. My mother is in the hospital and has been on ECMO because of multiple blood clots in her lungs.

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5 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 01:25:30ID: hsffbeo

I refuse to catch this virus.

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People will be all up in your replies saying “but theres no way to prevent” or “just accept it” or “we cant live like this forever” but I am on the same page as you that I refuse to get this virus. I don’t want to be sick, I don’t want long covid because JESUS it can get depressing, and I dont want to spread it to immunocompromised by accident

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You probably will, or catch it and not realize it. Unless you are literally living like a hermit and not interacting with people at all.

People like you are the kind of people that say, "I did everything right but still caught it."

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The virus may catch you.

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Guess you’re living in your house with no visitors for the rest of your life.

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6 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 00:36:28ID: hsf9eb8

Can confirm. (Tasteless fever sneeze)

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We were given the option to vaccinate and weather the storm in our bunker. We chose mass exposure and whoever makes it makes it. God actual bless.

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Very few people who are vaccinated are going to die. It’s time for those who haven’t been vaccinated to face the consequences of their actions so we can turn the page to the next chapter

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There’s no storm to pass us by, this is just the world as it is. Vaccinate and get on with it just like we did with every other disease ever. I’m vaccinated and boosted and that’s all I can reasonably do.

9 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 01:35:27ID: hsfgoid

That’s 2 major US health officials (her and Fauci) saying “we’re all going to get it” - all the while knowing that children under 5 don’t have access to the vaccine.

You know they’re going to get it and you know you’ve done nothing to help them.

Open the trials! Allow for off label use! Fucking do SOMETHING!

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Yeah… I basically have the choice of exposing my toddler daily, and by extension my terminally ill mother, or one of us quitting our job and losing our house to keep him home.

I’m tired of having to spin this roulette wheel.

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I know. It makes me furious when officials say “this is a pandemic for the unvaccinated.” You can’t say that and make parents terrified when there are no vaccinations for kids under 5 yet. UGH

10 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 00:19:58ID: hsf7jws

This is really depressing. I don't really see an end in sight. I don't see that the health officials are really able to lay out an endgame. It could take a long time to play out waiting for most of us to get it and then what, seems like people don't have immunity after getting it and there can continue to be variations.I know the annual flu variations can be more or less deadly but why does the worst case of the annual flu seem manageable compared to this?

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The end is that it becomes endemic and via infection and vaccine immunity becomes less deadly and disruptive. In the long run no one was going to evade it forever…

I think this was always going to be the endgame though no?

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If it were up to me, I would restrict hospital admissions from COVID to vaccinated and those unvaxxed for legitimate medical reasons.

Problem solved.

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The end is, as someone said, it becimes endemic, or, enough people get the vax and wear the frieking masks. That’s not a lot to ask, but too many people aren’t doing it.

11 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 01:38:54ID: hsfh5l1

Double vaxxed and I got covid on 12/20. I was malnourished to start due to decades of being anorexic, and I’ve got depression and anxiety. My booster was scheduled for 12/26 but obviously I couldn’t get it with an active infection. There was absolutely nothing mild about covid for me except that I didn’t need to be hospitalized. It started with gut issues, then lead to a fever, fatigue, headache. Loss of taste and smell for a week. Worst sinus pressure of my life, clogged ears for several days. It was impossible to eat or find anything satisfying when I couldn’t taste or smell. I’ve no idea how much weight I lost but I couldn’t afford to lose any.

My 3yo who I homeschool tested positive first. Then my 8yo and I had symptoms the same day. My husband got his booster day 3 of my infection, and he didn’t get covid at all.

Please get your vaccines and please, please get boosted and do not wait. None of us can afford to. I wouldn’t wish this virus on my worst enemy. It is hell.

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Just worth noting, you don't know for sure if you got Omicron or not, especially if you're located in the US where our spikes from the new variant appear to be more delayed than Europe's. Not at all trying to minimize your awful experience of course, but figured it's worth mentioning given this post was specifically about the Omicron variant.

And by the way:

There was absolutely nothing mild about covid for me except that I didn’t need to be hospitalized.

This is exactly the definition of what "mild" means, medically speaking. So unfortunately your experience was actually mild. I'm afraid ambiguous terminology such as this has only been adding fuel to the fire of misinformation among the populace as people tend to expect a "mild case" will mean just the sniffles.

12 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 00:10:31ID: hsf69mu

Whether omicron is mild or not, this is a complete failure of the US government.

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Given the type of government and culture we have, there was literally never any way to avoid this. Half the country ignores or actively fights against anything that might help. Half the legislative branch won't pass anything drastic enough to help. Half the judicial branch would declare any drastic enough action unconstitutional.

Michigan almost had their governor fucking kidnapped. Do people not get that? Each state has its own culture, leadership, and laws. Centrally enforcing the level of lockdown and vaccination to truly eliminate covid is not how our system is set up to work. Legally or culturally. Biden could send out masks to everyone in the county and governors like DeSantis would make masks illegal. And the virus wouldn't stop at their states' border.

Hypothetically, defeating covid would have been for the entire world, not just one country, to work together with unified and omnipresent testing, reporting, and restrictions. Across language barriers, legal barriers, economic barriers. It's a fucking dream. If it leaks out of any one country, it's back everywhere.

I know you want to lash out, but stop and think before acting emotionally. Stop and think about how much power that one branch of our government actually has compared to the unprecedented transformation of society it would take to truly lock down and enforce it. Trump had the benefit of covid being new, there was a window of time at the start where we all took this seriously because we were scared and didn't know what was going on yet. Biden inherited a country that was just fucking over it.

The virus won. There was never another possibility. We have to accept that we live in a world where this many people die now. Bad news sucks but you can face it or you can lash out and live in a fantasy where one person or organization could have fixed this if they just made the decision you liked.

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It is happening all over the world.

But yes, the whole stealing-masks-from-New-York-hospitals-in-2020 certainly didn't help.

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I mean, vaccines are freely available to every person over 5 years old at every pharmacy across the country.

Vaccines that reduce hospitalizations by 90-95%

There’s zero reason why this should put major strain on hospitals other than the unvaxxed.

The govt has stretched their ability to mandate the vaccine about as far as they legally can.

If people would just get vaccinated, this really wouldn’t matter.

Blaming the govt as opposed to the unvaxxed makes very little sense.

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The government can be blamed for its extremely inconsistent guidance, placing the burden of testing and masking on citizens and poor disease surveillance, but at the end of the day, many people are not following basic public health guidelines to begin with.

If more people simply got vaccinated to begin with, we would not be in this current predicament.

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FFS, the government has done everything but forced people to get the vaccine.

We are in this situation because of the unvaccinated.

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I upvoted you, but really it’s state governments. I’m in TX and all their actions indicate they want the federal gov to fail and death of citizens and strain on healthcare is an acceptable cost. All our governor can talk about is the border.

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How? This was inevitable with Omicron given its transmissibility.

ID: hsfe0bz

Why only a U.S. government failure? What country is dealing with Omicron in a way that you think is acceptable?

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Mandatory N95 masks for all would have prevented a lot of this.

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We are close to 3 years of gov failure now. It seems as if every possibly choice they made was the opposite of public interest and health, or about 12 months too late. They should have to pay every man woman and child a large sum of money. What other entity can ruin years of your life without the possibility of law suit ?

ID: hsfol8d

What else would you like the US government to do at this point?

13 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 01:16:26ID: hsfe446

Our government officials folks, keep the applause to a minimum /s

14 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 02:30:02ID: hsfo77o

Cool cool.

Crying inside for my kid who's too young to be vaccinated.

15 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 02:37:20ID: hsfp7qj

The worst is with couples that live in a small shared space. My GF is really feeling the mental effects of isolation. I grew up with brain fog that was successfully treated after decades of trying, so I’m desperate not to go down that road again. So we either choose to hurt her or hurt me.

16 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 01:30:14ID: hsffydf

On the plus side, since we are all wearing n95s now, we can stop worrying about air pollution /s

18 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 01:59:43ID: hsfjz3b

Not looking forward to getting covid again, blah.

19 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 02:14:01ID: hsflywi

I wouldn't give up all hope yet. I don't know anyone that is quad vaxed that has got Covid.

20 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 02:15:36ID: hsfm6y1

Vacced and boosted you may not know you have it unprotected you maybe in the hospital good luck guys I knew where I stand

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22 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 02:38:15ID: hsfpc4n

My employer (im a freelance contractor that gets roughly 3 month gigs at a time) mandates weekly testing and if you are positive still mandates a 10 day isolated quarantine. It is to be determined how they will pay you during forced quarantine. This job starts on Monday and we already have 4 positives out of a work force of maybe 40 people. The company will not give a definitive answer on if they will pay people while they quarantine if positive (although history shows they do support their employees pretty well. To what extent can myself and others demand clarity?