Quebec judge suspends unvaccinated father’s visitation rights with child

1 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 01:25:31ID: s2mp8u
Quebec judge suspends unvaccinated father's visitation rights with child
4 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 04:25:42ID: hsg382c

How does it set a precedent? Quebec uses the civil law code for non criminal cases. Precedents are part of common law not civil law.

5 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 02:45:39ID: hsfqcbz

Whole lot of "I'm not anti-vax but" happening among anti-vaxxers lately.

ID: hsfqnlo

i have both shots and will be getting a booster as soon as its available. does this mean i can't disagree with how my government is handling all of this?

ID: hsgf578

Oh stfu.

I'm sick and tired of people with their moral high ground believing that any person who disagrees with them must also disagree with science.

There are plenty of us vaccinated people who believe that people should get vaccinated, but they should not lose their entire livelihood should they choose not to.

There's just a shit ton of people who are openly arrogant these days.

Idc what your beliefs about vaccines are, if you feel no empathetic pain for a parent who is unable to see their sick/dying child just because you disagree with their beliefs, you can go fuck off. These people who I may disagree with have more humanity than the fucks these days looking down on anyone they see fit.

ID: hsg1mhh

The troll farms are working overtime. Canada is also beefing w/ China so there's that too.

"I'm not anti-vax but blah blah blah vax bad"

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Even triple-vaxxed people are pissed off with the Quebec government's massive overreach going on. It's not good.

ID: hsfr6m6

I’m not anti-vaxx, but just give me a vaccine that’s been in development longer than a handful of months. I’ll gladly get the rest, and this one too, just give me four years for them to work out the kinks. Screw Pfizer 1.0, I want Pfizer 3.0 and upwards

8 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 02:29:35ID: hsfo504

These people are evil.

ID: hsfqzge

And they believe they're saving the world. Incredible really

10 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 04:49:47ID: hsg618t

This is too far. I haven’t thought that til now.

12 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 03:08:39ID: hsftghy

The kid is double vaxxed. The actual risk faced by a vaccinated 12 year old from covid is astronomically small.

A fathe

bond with a child should also be seen as a right that can only be interfered with given extreme circumstances that puts the safety of the child in question.

Absolutely appaling conduct by this judge. Disgusting really.

ID: hsfx452

absolute appaling conduct in this thread full of shits that don't read the fucking articles.

ID: hsg2f04

There’s a 4 month old baby in the house (the child’s sibling) that’s too young to be vaccinated.

ID: hsfwweh

The guy mostly lost because he has repeatedly demonstrated that he doesnt respect health measures, and that the boy has two younger siblings who are unvaccinated. The article is needlessly inflammatory

ID: hsfuqbh

I agree, the child isn't being placed at risk by being exposed to an unvaccinated individual. The guy is only putting himself at risk by being unvaccinated. What a terrible legal precedent. Quebec is on a witch hunt.

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15 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 02:22:11ID: hsfn41t

Upvote from America here.

16 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 04:29:03ID: hsg3m3l

Quebec ain’t playin’ with anti-vaxers. Good.

17 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 03:13:05ID: hsfu1az

Good, unvaccinated have no place in civilized society

ID: hsg17ri

What civilized society ?

ID: hsfuam7

this is exactly the kind of thinking that has gotten us to this point. maybe if we looked at them as people with with mental health issues that require treatment rather than as villains, we wouldn't be in this situation. ostracizing them from society will do nothing more than embolden them.

19 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 02:29:35ID: hsfo50y

Why isnt he vaccinated

ID: hsg2lit

Because he’s an ignorant conspiracy-theorizing idiot.

20 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 02:12:44ID: hsflse1
ID: hsftkd5

Retards be like lie to a judge have a tantrum when you lose.

21 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 02:55:18ID: hsfrnpi

This is getting out of hand.

22 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 04:51:30ID: hsg68l0

Definitely support the vaccine, but we are now treading into dangerous waters here. Next judges will prevent visitations from parents who follow a certain faith, have a certain diet, follow a certain sports team.

ID: hsgkzsu

Next judges will allow gay marriage proponents to marry their dogs!!


ID: hsgc0n2

Russia or China? Mr|Mr.s 3 day old account.

23 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 03:36:55ID: hsfx4u6

Now let's suspend visitation rights to parents who smoke, drink and are obese!!! SMH

ID: hsgd7tm

This but unironically.

ID: hsg0yn6


I've definitely seen a huge guy, a huge woman in a drivy basket full of hot chips, frozen pizza and soda followed by a 180lb 8yr old, and thought, CPS should take that kid away. And thankfully sometimes they do.

25 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 06:46:06ID: hsghvgr

Good. It sounds like the dad is a narcissist and the kid is better off away from him anyway.

27 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 02:01:08ID: hsfk6dk

Are they really rights of they can be taken away? No. There's no such things as rights. "Rights" are for the poor.

ID: hsg0fcg

Sure - you have a right to freedom until you break the law and go to jail. You have the right to drive until you get too many tickets and your license is revoked. You have the right to see your kids until a judge determines that you are both a risk and have likely lied to the court, and then you lose that right too.

There are very few rights you can't lose based on your actions. Hell, in some places you can lose the right to live (death penalty). They're really more of a privilege.

That being said, there are actually a handful of rights that cannot be taken away legally or morally, no matter what you do, though they will vary from place to place.

ID: hsflc90

“I hate to break it to you folks but you have no rights”

29 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 06:56:43ID: hsgiszp

Good, child abuse should be a disqualifying factor.

30 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 08:12:07ID: hsgowx9

Why are all the Commonwealth countries going full retard during this whole thing. Is it the Queens orders to go full dictator style in Canada and Australia?