Explainer: Why you should still try to avoid catching Omicron

1 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 23:55:30ID: s3dhin

Explainer: Why you should still try to avoid catching Omicron

2 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 01:13:05ID: hskf8na

From someone who currently has it...Do everything you can to avoid getting it.Yes it is like a bad influenza but the impact it has on those around you is immense,not to mention here in Qld the PCR test lines are kilometres long and there are no RAT tests in sight so all you can really do is lock yourself in a room and be a total burden on those in your household and further afield.

ID: hskpa2s

Honestly, anyone who describes it as just the flu had never had actual influenza.

Sounds so awful, I hope you recover fully and quickly!

ID: hskrlk4

Can confirm, both my partner and I have it. (30f 30m).We have to take turns on caring for each other, as soon as one feels better they're up for 5 minutes to fetch water etc.

My brother also has it, he's fine.

It fucking sucks, this is the most sick I've ever been.

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4 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 01:41:08ID: hskj5ja

I mean yes, I would rather not have it.

I think ppl who say it’s just a flu don’t know the difference between flu and cold. Cause I felt like I was dying with the flu

ID: hsleaw9

People often conflate the flu with the common cold, not the actual H1N1 influenza which you don't want to get.

ID: hsltd1p

If you read the article your likely to get it anyway.

The point is lets not all deliberately get it at once.

5 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 04:45:05ID: hsl7cqq

Just incredible that we need this explainer. Like damn, did you think you'd get super powers or something?

7 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 01:02:57ID: hskdtca

It's amazing that this even needs to be explained but then again, covid parties were a thing, so...

9 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 06:02:50ID: hslfxs5

My whole family (including relatives) 20+ people got it 2 weeks ago. Everyone symptoms are pretty mild. The only pain in the ass is getting tested.

10 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 06:37:47ID: hsljcce

My partner and I tested positive for it on the 3rd of Jan after contracting it at our best mates wedding on New Years. It was awful, my partner recovered quicker then me but I am in the risk group as I am immunocompromised. It was definetly not a fun experience and even 11 days on im struggling with getting out of breath even just walking to the couch from the fridge ( around 5 metres ) 🙁

11 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 02:50:23ID: hsksqec

I’m not scared of the virus, I’m scared of the obligations to test and isolate and massive inconvenience to my family who can’t go to childcare/school if I get it.

When we don’t have any requirements for isolation and testing, and we’re really treating it like a common cold, then I’ll be ok with getting it. Until then, I’m trying my best to avoid it.

ID: hslgue4

Same here. I've been off work, eating through my personal leave because I am a household contact. I have consistently tested negative but am required to stay in iso until my last household contact reaches the last day of their iso period.If someone else tests positive, I will have another 7 days off at my own expense. It's ridiculous. The positive cases in the house have had nothing but very mild cold like symptoms and are continuing on as normal.It's ridiculous and changes are needed.

12 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 00:07:02ID: hsk5vdt

Some good arguments in the article. Seems like being sensible is a good idea.

13 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 01:17:59ID: hskfwv9

No doubt the healthcare experts have already provided similar advices to the governments. The concept of "flatten the curve" was well known.

But Morrison & Perrottet still insisted on "Let It Rip" in December.

ID: hsltigz

We went with "Embiggen the spike" not "flatten the curve"


15 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 01:10:33ID: hskevxu

7 days off sounds nice tho

ID: hskfk75

Not if you’re one of the unlucky ones who gets really sick. You’ll certainly have a lot more time off if you die though.

ID: hskmp5x

I had it when it was 10 days off in December and trust me those 10 days were not nice haha. Couldn’t even do anything fun because I was sick in bed

18 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 01:57:28ID: hsklete
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20 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 09:40:38ID: hslygtp

Whilst I know me avoiding Omicron is still preferable from a societal viewpoint I think people need to acknowledge that a lot of mental health damage happened during the lockdowns.

I myself fell into alcoholism and cutting myself in the worst of the lockdown as I live alone with severe mental health struggles and at that time was unable to find any therapy.

When I think of the two options 'Stay inside in self imposed isolation for more weeks-months so society can be marginally better off' or 'risk catching Covid by going outside and being around others/family', I look at these options and pick the latter everytime. I've more chance of cutting too deep next lockdown and dying than Omicron killing me.

21 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 10:44:38ID: hsm3dsh

Once the kids go back to school, families don't get to choose to continue cautious avoidance.

22 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 12:21:31ID: hsmbszk

Even without considering long COVID, personal risk levels, etc, we don't want to all get it at the same time for the same reason you don't want every person at a music festival to need to shit at the same time. We only have so many portaloos, people, let's at least try to space it out!