Face masks make people look more attractive, study finds | Coronavirus

1 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 19:22:13ID: s37biv
Face masks make people look more attractive, study finds | Coronavirus
2 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 20:02:19ID: hsj3os2

People like what they can’t see. Leaves more to the imagination.

ID: hsjdpxh

ski mask time

ID: hsjg0zr

The sunglasses effect!

ID: hsjily2

Why are hijabs not the hottest fashion commodity then?

3 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 20:45:01ID: hsjapjk

I look more attractive with a whole bag over my head.

ID: hsjexsq

You're what we call in the business, a brown bagger.

ID: hsjeswc

made me laugh

5 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 19:24:51ID: hsixome

Cuz your covering that ugly face of yours

ID: hsj6knq

Yep. Lots of people have nice eyes I guess but fat ugly chins and necks.

ID: hsjfr90

Literally this. No-one has ugly eyes, apart from you Jessica.

6 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 19:28:37ID: hsiya4b

Because what is concealed always more attractive than what's revealed.

ID: hsjfty8

I find the most erotic part of the female, to be the boobies.

ID: hsiytcy

I find eyes most intriguing

ID: hsjg807

Idk. I like boobies when they're revealed.

7 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 19:34:07ID: hsiz5dq

It doesn't make attractive people more attractive, it only brings up the average.

ID: hsjncc9

Yep, I don't fantasize about people wearing masks. I only imagine masked faces to look alright, I don't have it in me to imagine really hot faces behind masks. I refuse!

8 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 20:28:28ID: hsj7z5m

If you think about an attractive person's most prominent facial features, a lot of times its the eyes (as opposed to noses or mouths)

Plus the masks can cover up asymmetric features or acne on the face

9 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 19:26:12ID: hsixwf5

Aye, if you're a minger.

10 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 20:58:47ID: hsjcsdq

Covers up double chins

11 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 20:21:29ID: hsj6ttx

Lewis said it was also possible that masks made people more attractive because they directed attention to the eyes.

Can confirm. I found that a mask can indeed accentuate a woman's eyes very nicely.

13 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 20:45:26ID: hsjas3t

So the logic of the niqab is's actually less modest.

ID: hsjpj4v

I've always wondered if when women in niqab do their makeup, because there's a looooot of makeup used, that the makeup just extends to the border of the niqab or if they make up the whole face?

14 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 21:41:44ID: hsjjh38

There's a reason exotic dancers used to wear the half face covering things.

15 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 21:55:38ID: hsjlqmq

Yeah, I know. Didn't need a study for that. The average person is unattractive, a mask leaves the appearance to the imagination and we tend to imagine what we want to see. I've been deceived by this mind trick multiple times and I know the rest of you have been.

17 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 20:49:32ID: hsjbg6c

When its worn OVER THE NOSE yes! If you are hot but wear the mask under the nose…. You are too stupid to be attractive

18 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 21:03:24ID: hsjdfc3

Inb4 "Masks" becomes a popular Pornhub category in 5-10 years as the current young adult generation gets older.

19 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 21:19:30ID: hsjfw5p

Seen a chick at Walmart who with a mask looks cute with out it looks inbred the poor thing

20 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 21:32:00ID: hsjhvra

Lol yeah I coulda told you this. It was part of my festival attire for years before the plague hit. Now I dunno, since it'll forever be associated with illness.

ID: hsjikbi

Cybergoths rejoice!

22 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 22:00:27ID: hsjminc

Let me guess, another yellow journalism that exaggerates science?

23 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 22:32:41ID: hsjrlxk

Images of men wearing a blue medical face mask perceived as being the most attractive

Me, who bought yellow face masks: 🙁

24 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 20:47:43ID: hsjb5l0

They really pushin’ the masks from every angle, damn

25 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 20:47:03ID: hsjb1kl

In a study sponsored by Pfizer.

26 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 21:02:16ID: hsjd7uq

British newspaper

No wonder

28 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 20:24:57ID: hsj7e4q

Do people seriously believe this?

ID: hsjas4r

Haha, no. Nobody believes in science or double-blind studies.

ID: hsjt8f9

redditors will believe anything posted on this site.

29 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 19:23:25ID: hsixggr


30 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 20:49:06ID: hsjbdnk

Not wearing one makes you look like an asshole.

31 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 20:51:06ID: hsjboue

This is absolute jackassery

32 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 20:19:13ID: hsj6g9r

I like the black sunglasses and black mask look.

33 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 21:03:47ID: hsjdhfm

True. I like people more when they wear a mask like they should.

35 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 21:08:47ID: hsje97z

Likely because when I see a person without a mask in public, my first thought is: another dumbass. And stupidity is not attractive

36 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 19:29:04ID: hsiycme
37 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 19:39:42ID: hsj019w

Now do a study for the duck billed ones, I can't imagine the results would be the same

38 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 21:14:07ID: hsjf30a

Trying to make us ok with wearing these the next ten years? Smh

39 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 19:31:45ID: hsiyrw5

Of course they do, I don't want to see disgusting naked plague rat face.

40 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 21:09:20ID: hsjecax

No they don’t

41 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 21:31:54ID: hsjhv7s

This is the dumbest thing i have ever heard.

43 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 20:38:22ID: hsj9lrx

Can confirm. I haven't gotten laid this much since my uni days

44 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 20:49:36ID: hsjbgi4

I hate the bottom half of my face. I have large cheekbones and a large jawline. I feel like handsome squidward sometimes, which would be great if I were a dude. I know some people can totally rock it, and a lot of famous women have large jawlines and prominent cheekbones, but that's just not my look, at all. I dig masks because they cover all that nonsense up.

45 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 19:48:39ID: hsj1h7e

That’s because it makes you look more intelligent.

46 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 20:01:55ID: hsj3mew

This is the best tl;dr I could make,

reduced by 78%. (I'm a bot)

There have been precious few positives during the Covid pandemic but British academics may have unearthed one: people look more attractive in protective masks.

"Our study suggests faces are considered most attractive when covered by medical face masks. This may be because we're used to healthcare workers wearing blue masks and now we associate these with people in caring or medical professions. At a time when we feel vulnerable, we may find the wearing of medical masks reassuring and so feel more positive towards the wearer."

The participants said those wearing a cloth mask were significantly more attractive than the ones with no masks or whose faces were partly obscured by the book.

| Top keywords: mask#1 face#2 wearer#3 covered#4 research#5

47 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 21:21:29ID: hsjg7e1

I love my mask, I've saved a fortune on make up and, nobody knows I'm over 80 LOLOLO

48 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 21:41:50ID: hsjjhod

There's a reason why harem dancers wear veils (masks) -- because they're seductive in a way.

ID: hsjnv29

Also because their assets are their body and dancing, it is much more likely a dancer has a hot body (due to being toned) than a hot face.

49 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 21:42:01ID: hsjjiqo

I'm good either way.

50 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 22:09:08ID: hsjnwr8


53 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 22:16:56ID: hsjp4wz

Wait til you put that mug In a paper bag. Woooweee!!!

54 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 22:18:19ID: hsjpcle

I've been telling everyone that the last two years have been great if you had a crush on Kitana from Mortal Kombat

55 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 22:27:54ID: hsjquuj

BS my big nose and facial hair make me attractive

56 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 22:38:43ID: hsjsjj3

True af

57 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 22:40:55ID: hsjsvz7

Of course, that study had to be done in the UK.

58 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 22:41:49ID: hsjt13n

Now I get why liberals love them so much. Ahaha

61 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 21:04:14ID: hsjdjup

really depends on who they polled

62 :Anonymous2022/01/13(Thu) 22:24:25ID: hsjqbkc

This is the most savage propaganda I've seen yet