Ukraine says ‘massive cyber attack’ has shut down government websites | World News | Sky News

1 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 07:25:30ID: s3mg58
Ukraine says 'massive cyber attack' has shut down government websites | World News | Sky News
2 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 08:15:18ID: hslrs8j

I was going to say something about being a lead up to war, but this isn't cutting off communications of the government, it's defacing public facing websites and loading them with propaganda.

"Ukrainian! All your personal data was uploaded to the public network. All data on the computer is destroyed, it is impossible to restore it," the message reads.

"All information about you has become public, be afraid and expect the worst. This is for your past, present and future."

ID: hslxuan

They are already at war

ID: hslttdj

But that's exactly a prelude to a modern war. If you want to occupy to own you need to have the local populace on side (or at least not actively fighting you). Discrediting the existing government plays into the narrative that the current government isnt able to protect you and I suspect we'll see it followed up with something to demonstrate that the west doesn't care.

ID: hslzxde

The translation in the article is not accurate, and the actual message the hackers wrote is much, much more aggressive when properly translated. This really is tantamount to a statement of war:

Ukrainian! All your data is belong to us. All data on the computer is destroyed, you have no chance to restore it, make your time. Somebody set you up the bomb, be afraid and expect the worst. This is for great justice.

ID: hslsge7

That's a contradicting statement "all you data is on the pub net" ".... Its impossible to retrieve it".


ID: hsm8i3a

"Send me bitcoin to my bitcoin wallet and I shall forget about all of this. It is pointless to try and respond to my email address as it has been automatically generated".

ID: hsmi0u8

Sounds like it should end with “We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget.”

ID: hslvevb

Are people pretending like public entities with important data don't use off-site, off-network cold-state backups these days or something? Ukraine must have only had one person using the keyboard while these hacks were occurring.

ID: hsmikhx

This is also depraving the population of government channels. Short of actually cutting the internet this is a good way to take away one of the government channels to inform the population

3 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 07:47:51ID: hslpir3

"A communications disruption can only mean one thing. Invasion."

ID: hslubfm

A Phantom Menace reference in the wild!

ID: hslrsbw

It’s not a communication disruption…yet. They only defaced several government websites.

ID: hsmcl6z

I just don't want "This is getting out of hand, now there are two of them!" in regards to Putin

ID: hsltoj7

I was thinking the same thing when I read the title. I hope they don't go through with it.

ID: hsmohkm

Nope it’s still just a bluff

4 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 08:51:53ID: hslup7s

The Norwegian foreign minister just appeared in an extraordinary newscast saying they are "Very worried" about the situation.

ID: hsmn2nb

Sweden has raised their military preparedness today due to Russian activity in the Baltic.

ID: hsm59ei

Any chance you have a (English) link where I can read about it?

5 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 08:50:21ID: hslukqt

Who would do such a thing

ID: hsmc50z

It’s a conundrum to be certain. No way to even venture a guess

ID: hsmeb2p

I wonder who it could be. It will forever be a mystery.

ID: hsmleg8

Probably Germany. It’s always Germany.

6 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 09:31:26ID: hslxrr2

Hi Vladimir!

9 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 08:32:37ID: hslt5ri

Massive Cyber Attack seems to be thrown around alot these days... the article states it's not as sophisticated as the Cyber Attacks aimed at infrastructure. When did we stop calling this simple hacking?

ID: hslwsaz

When SEO ruined the internet

ID: hsm665k

"SysAdmin left default passwords everywhere" doesn't have the same dramatic ring to it.

ID: hsm2a1s

What are you talking about... How else will we generate clicks if not with breaking news headline?

ID: hsmitbz

When clicks = $$$$

ID: hsmqtxx

Doesn’t have to be sophisticated if it works

10 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 09:22:11ID: hslx2ik

Don’t be russianing to conclusions.

11 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 08:45:36ID: hslu6w9

People here calling it as a prelude to an invasion. But so far it hasn't targeted the electric grid, the water distribution, the hospitals and anything like that.

Honestly this is just a clickbait way to call a simple hacking made by someone who saw the perfect moment to spread some further chaos

ID: hslv2zs

Yeah, people love seeing the pot stirred.

ID: hslzhlz

Like they would blow their cover before they are ready to really do it if ever... Maybe it was just testing the waters

ID: hsmiyed

When those infrastructure pieces are hit that's the portent of the actual invasion.

This absolutely could be a portent but we won't know until anything actually happens.

ID: hsly5il

I wonder if the poles are behind it. The writings there put some strange accent on what happened in Wolyn in 1943, something Russians don’t give shit about. Poles do.

Honestly, it looks more like one massive shitpost, because the governmental sites show pictures of pigs, a running gag for both the Poles and the Russians as far as I’m aware.

13 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 08:50:15ID: hslukgl

Lavrov: Russia's patience with the actions of the West has come to an end, we have been harnessing for a long time - now is the time to go

ID: hslwh1w

Acting like the crazy ex who still wants to get back together

14 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 10:15:28ID: hsm14v0

Hmmm... I wonder who it might be..

15 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 11:03:55ID: hsm4wud

Putin needs to take a shit or get of the pot.

ID: hsmbtb1

Now now..... We all might be better off if this slowly fades into one if those quiet historical footnotes.

16 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 08:08:23ID: hslr7xt

Hmmm I wonder who could be behind this???

17 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 07:45:06ID: hslpac1

And today's the day the fuse is lit.

18 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 07:27:17ID: hslnrwe

Russia is playing d white piece...

20 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 08:50:11ID: hsluk7t

Someone's begging for sanctions.

21 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 12:47:40ID: hsmegvw

Well, boys, I reckon this is it - nuclear combat toe to toe with the Roosskies.

ID: hsmjm9v

Don't worry. Russkies' rustbuckets will not launch.

22 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 11:22:41ID: hsm6h4g

anyone remember the Docusign cyber attacks and what came shortly after?

23 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 11:39:19ID: hsm7wco

Hmm who could it be?

24 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 13:01:36ID: hsmfz9q

And the message was worded in a way to imply that Poland did that xd

ID: hsmoz5b

And nobody believes that. Too low effort

25 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 10:43:18ID: hsm39zq

These tensions terrify me as Western European

ID: hsmnzao

This terrifies me as a canadian

26 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 12:36:09ID: hsmd9u1

So I shouldn't route my VPN through Ukraine. Got it!

27 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 08:57:07ID: hslv40c

My feelings exactly

28 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 12:18:19ID: hsmbhld

As a Ukrainian, them calling out OUN/UPA in the stupid message made me chuckle hard. How terrified the muscovites are of the mere memory of Ukrainian resistance.

ID: hsmgmt2

Didn't they mostly kill Poles?

30 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 10:45:10ID: hsm3fbi

Russia has their own internet. It would be smart of them to sabotage the internet for the rest of the world while they're still online.

ID: hsmjw9z

Their own internet? Does it run on vodka?

31 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 10:54:44ID: hsm46es

Well it probably wasn't all that difficult, honestly. Security is always one step behind hackers.

32 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 12:19:34ID: hsmbly2

So it's here where it all begins...

33 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 12:31:11ID: hsmcrv2

No one could have predicted, etc etc.

34 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 13:11:30ID: hsmh3xp

It's happening

35 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 13:25:08ID: hsmiqd5

Welp, I wouldn’t be surprised if my reservist application is gonna get expedited. It’s been a good run, boys.

36 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 13:31:09ID: hsmjh5n

Guess they will just send that Nato application with slow mail

37 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 14:04:04ID: hsmnrrn

I wonder who that could of been

38 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 14:07:29ID: hsmo8d6

Gee I wonder who would have done that.

39 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 14:08:35ID: hsmodrm

I wonder who would want to disrupt them

40 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 14:18:29ID: hsmpq2z

Here we go.

41 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 14:32:07ID: hsmrmsf

Massive Russian cyber attack

44 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 08:44:23ID: hslu3fo

Where is Ukraine?

ID: hsm2qnx

It’s right in the centre of Putins increasing desperation to recover the failed Russian economy.

Just next to his napoleon syndrome.

45 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 07:57:22ID: hslqbg0

Time for nukes

ID: hslst9c

That escalated quickly

ID: hsm7yst

Let’s play Fallout 76 to prepare.

ID: hsmg0q3

You'd have to be very fucking stupid to comment shit like this

46 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 10:37:00ID: hsm2sld

Must have been hacked by NATO /s

47 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 10:37:02ID: hsm2spc
48 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 13:58:39ID: hsmn1t6

I'm trying to wait for Elden Ring over here

Stop threatening WW3 so I can like feet in peace