Petersburg police officer fired after Nazi-themed social media post

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Petersburg police officer fired after Nazi-themed social media post
4 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 18:38:24ID: hsntm03

Typical hate monger. Read the end of the article. He’s not sorry for being scum, he’s sorry his actions had consequences.

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The guy said his kid was just dressing up as a character from Jojo Rabbit. Hitler is not a character from a movie. He's an actual person. If someone got caught in a KKK outfit, saying they were just cosplaying characters from a Spike Lee movie wouldn't fly. Also, I don't see how joining the Hitler Youth being a dream come true is a joke. Jokes have punchlines.

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If this was just the officer's kid making a joke like that, it would be reasonable to say "Well, he clearly didn't mean that, it was a stupid joke"—and then sit the kid down and explain why that's not funny at all.

The fact that it was a 43-year-old adult—with a job that gives him tremendous power over others—who saw no problem publicly making those statements is an issue, whether he was "joking" or not: It speaks to a fundamentally unsound decision-making process on his part, and I wouldn't entrust someone like that with the authority of a cop.

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I remember a story where a father dressed himself and his son as Nazis for Halloween.

He got a lot of shit for it but then explained he was just a history buff and it was just a joke.

But he didn't scrub his social media in time. Turns out he was a legit white nationalist.

Apparently many of them use the "just a joke" excuse.

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It’s always fun when the white supremacists jump on these threads.

Let me be clear: if you don’t see the problem with what the cop and kid did, then it is likely you are part of the problem.

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People who aren't Nazis don't tend to make jokes glorifying them. And the people who do make those jokes tend to not actually be joking as soon as they can get away with it.

Oh for the simpler times of yesteryear when we could all agree that Nazis were bad.

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Even if it was a joke, still fireable. No one wants a public figure or peace officer joking about Nazis being OK.

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HA HA HA the Holocaust is hilarious amirite!? /s

Jesus fucking Christ you ordered a LGB license plate... I'm just glad people will think you're supporting lesbians, gays, and bisexuals.

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Nothing clear about it

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It seems to me that it was made in jest.

Can you explain why it's funny? I mean which part is the joke?

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They always hide behind the excuse, “it was just a joke” or “it was taken out of context.”

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I hope this current wave of interest in pre-WWII racism is a “dead cat bounce” like the resistance to integration in the 1950s and not a sign of the century to come.

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It’s never really left us.

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My concern is that, if developing countries don’t get back on the path of progress (except China, which is hugely dependent on exports) and if small genetic differences are used to argue for scientific White supremacy, that as climate change and technology advance we might be in for a new dark age of authoritarian racism.

11 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 23:15:29ID: hsozvgb

Police departments cry about media bias, then simply rehire this guy elsewhere…idiots

13 :Anonymous2022/01/15(Sat) 00:44:12ID: hspc3kw

How do these people even get to these positions?

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Johnny Duane Pickle… is this one of the cancelled McDonald’s characters?

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Gee wonder who that guy voted for.

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“When they told me it was antisemetic remarks, I had an idea what that was, but to get the true meaning, I actually Googled it."

A police officer, who is paid $30 an hour to enforce the law and make snap decisions in the heat of the moment doesn't know what antisemetic means... jesus christ this country is doomed...

Next up is a officer who doesn't know what "racist" means. "I'm sorry everyone was so offended by my blackface, I didn't know what racism was."

17 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 20:04:04ID: hso6twi

Some All of those that work forces...

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We just had one of those that came to light in Kent, WA. The assistant police chief was given a whopping two weeks off that he was allowed to simply use vacation time for.

19 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 22:11:07ID: hsoqhup

He could get a job in Texas. The good ol' boys at r/Texas will find a nice constable's deputy spot or help him run for sheriff. They'll probably want him to mentor "the right kinda youfs" learn how do anti-semitism the wight way!

When it's 9:33 AM in New Braunfels it's 1962 at r/Texas.

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I did Nazi that coming. He's in a real Pickle now.

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Android really needs a shocked pikachu emoji.....

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So weird how many /r/conservative posters bend over backwards to defend nazis. Maybe just a coincidence?

I mean sure this guy has a posting history where he screeches that people shouldnt wear N95 masks because they are "Made in China", but that is also just a coincidence?

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They protect their own.

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Defending a nazi? The guy made a dumb joke because his kid likes a movie making fun of nazis.

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I’ll bite. Being up front here, I loved the movie.

From the article:

Pickle: If you haven’t watched it, it’s pretty entertaining and it’s got kids fighting in the war. And they were just one little boy was Captain America, and he was part of the Jojo Rabbit army.

I have no idea what the fuck that is all about. It’s been a couple years since the last time I watched JoJo but I don’t recall captain America nor a JoJo Rabbit Army.

It’s like someone who sees idiocracy and comes out saying, “man it is so COOL that in the future pedos will be forced to drive cars with floppy purple dongs that get obliterated by huge 4x4 machines like the dildozer!”


The man may not be a Nazi but if his defense is abominable stupidity it should preclude him from a job that requires snap judgments made with complicated and nuanced legal ramifications.

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He basically did a stupid "I did nazi that coming" type joke and he got fired for it. Does it make him a nazi or just an idiot? I'm going to say idiot.

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Let’s go with the premise that he is telling the truth. If you were posting a photo that could potentially make people think you were a Nazi, wouldn’t you be really clear it was playing a character? If he’s that incompetent and unaware, he shouldn’t be a cop. With all that said, he’s definitely lying.