Tobey Maguire & Andrew Garfield got paid $1M for ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’, Tom Holland bagged $4-5M

1 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 05:05:36ID: s3jzrq
Tobey Maguire & Andrew Garfield got paid $1M for ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’, Tom Holland bagged $4-5M
2 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 06:22:34ID: hslhw8p

The ad said 3,000

ID: hsliwzx

I missed the part where that’s Marvel’s problem

ID: hslxsut

Check again, webhead. The ad says 3 sequels, you pinned him in two

ID: hsmk3w4

"What about my generous proposal? Are you in or are you out?" - Disney

ID: hsnuzma

I love you 3000*

ID: hsnwsaj

You know, I’m something of a cheapskate myself.

ID: hsnygen

Well, these things are always a little more liquid. There’s all kinds of guild contracts and whatnot.

Their filming schedule was probably cumulatively only a few days for both of them. That’s a pretty big payday for a short shoot and not having to get tangled up in multiple film contracts. But at the same time open the door for future appearances as well.

ID: hsoewmk

Wait, you guys are getting paid?

3 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 06:15:01ID: hslh5oz

These numbers aren’t even close to right. Source is “Celebrity Net Worth” which seems extremely suspect.

ID: hsllkma

Second this!

ID: hsmd0t6

Maybe they’re being paid in exposure

ID: hsngfp8

That site has no clue. There is no public disclosure of peoples assets and liabilities- there’s no way that site knows if Lil Yachty has 5 mortgages, 16 people on staff, a drug problem, collects art, owes back taxes. It’s so stupid that people will Google this and go “Oh wow, Miley Cyrus has $86 million!” It’s fiction people. At best, someone took a crack at estimating how much someone might’ve earned from record sales or downloads…Or if it’s Tiger Woods, they’ll know career golf winnings, some public info on endorsement deals, add it all up and say “He’s worth $750 million” as if he’s never spent a dime.

ID: hsqk7fw

These celebrity net worth sites are clickbait. Numerous celebrities have stated that they are completely wrong.These sites never name their sources. In fact, Tom Holland’s father, Dominic Holland, wrote in a blog that the web sites are wildly inaccurate in regards to Tom.

4 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 05:58:24ID: hslfhf0

Do they get box office cut? This is extremely low for their caliber.

ID: hsli4y5

I would really hope they get a box office cut. All of them. They knew this movie would make big money. I know Andrew and Tobey were probably hyped for the idea but it’s definitely worth more than that.

ID: hsmacbm

Yeah I could be wrong but I thought at least some actors get a check every year or something for continued earnings from the movie. Dax Flame said he gets them for 21 Jump Street

ID: hsnqt79

God I hope so. At least for Holland, if you’re the star of a billion dollar franchise and you only made 4-5m on the biggest movie in the trilogy, fire the fuck out of your agent

ID: hsllqiw

Which caliber? What last successful big role Tobey has?

ID: hsli1en

I mean what did they really do? Memorize some lines?

5 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 05:42:17ID: hsldt81

That’s crazy, that’s all they made. I mean that movie is going to be a billion dollar film after the video release.

ID: hslhb9g

Yeah also figured getting Toby out of retirement would have been a few million. I was thinking more like 5-10. Especially when you see how much other marvel cast members are getting paid.

ID: hslj92o

With the original Raimi trilogy Toby got paid a lot more money than this. For the 2 and 3 he got like 12 to 15 million plus a good percentage of the profits.

ID: hsli5o5

Yeah this is sad lol, how is Tom only making 5mil? He's played Spiderman half a dozen times now.

Marvel got greedy as hell, those Robert Downey Jr contracts are a thing of the past.

ID: hsmcjvs

They weren’t marketed for the movie and didn’t do promotion for it, they were also in the movie for 30 min or so

ID: hslkwjh

It's already a billion dollar film.

ID: hslshud

We should also consider the possibility that Tom Holland would at least make some commission off the box office profit since a $4-5 million flat rate for his stardom is a little low relative to the success of his Spider-Man films.

ID: hslstzw

Didn’t it pass a billion in its first week or so?

ID: hslxd7b

Right?? I’d think they’d haggled for way more

ID: hsmc7mq

Its not that crazy, theyre only in the Final Arc. I'm sure theres plans for both of them to be involved with more in the future, including the possibility of a 3rd movie for Garfield + Venom.

ID: hsmksf0

There's zero chance this is right. There's no doubt that Toby and Andrew made a killing on this. The entire movie can't happen without them, so there's no way their agent doesn't bleed Marvel.

ID: hsmw6ux

Spider-Man never gets paid enough for his work

ID: hsmwzhe

That’s not all actually. They get paid over time as well. Pretty much every time the movie is purchased they will get royalties. Their faces are in one of the biggest movies of all time. Plus they reprised their roles and one of them is possibly bringing back his Peter Parker. Getting $1mil is just the start.

ID: hsn4ilj

Seems very difficult to get a cut of the revenue as an actor.

Disney aren’t going to be paying the actors any more than they have to. Disney have all the leverage because of their size and hoarding of IP. I’d guess they can command fairly low pay from actors and actresses, most of them need the MCU for their career and bank accounts way more than Disney needs a particular actor or actress. Like it or not, Disney has the means to easily replace all these actors, fans have shown it really doesn’t matter. People will watch.

Tom Holland will make a lot more in a future Spider-Man I’d guess, but no idea what his contract looks like.

ID: hslrnid

If they were part of the marketing they’d be making a lot more.

ID: hsmhedu

Yeah except, one of them is the main character of this current set of films and the other two are from a failed Sam Raimi and the other everybody forgot about. I imagine they were contracted for their set amounts then potential for Royalties, but that might even be strictly for the production company/director.

7 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 13:40:42ID: hsmkoxd

I mean it is Toms movie and they are supporting roles so that makes sense

8 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 06:17:10ID: hslhd5x

They also didn't have to do any of the press tours or anything. Being in a movie "secretly" seems like the way to go.

9 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 06:20:03ID: hslhndr

Looks like really shitty journalism who knows if it’s even true. Multiple typos throughout the article, and the article linked as a source for Garfield’s pay doesn’t even mention him.

10 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 14:00:28ID: hsmnal7

Well, *spoiler*

They're only in the movie from like Act 3 to the end. Tom Holland is in the movie from start to finish. More filming means more money typically.

ID: hsoosbv

Everyone flocked to the cinemas to see those two though.

11 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 06:12:10ID: hslgvon

It wasn’t that long ago Julia Roberts was making 20M a movie, and she wasn’t clearing 1B at the box office… they must get a percentage of profit bc if not they need new agents.

ID: hsm3a26

You can’t really be comparing Tom Holland to Julia Roberts. She was the definition of a movie star. Someone who people went to cinemas for and paid to watch her every time she starred in a new movie

ID: hsljatr

She’s still making 20M (I think) along with Jennifer Lawrence and Gal Gadot

ID: hslkce9

She also has more draw power, people would see a movie because it has Julia Roberts in it. If you replaced Tom Holland with a different actor tomorrow I would still see the next Spider-Man. Or heck, move on to miles morales.

ID: hsllqw8

Holland is not a movie star. Roberts was

12 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 06:34:50ID: hslj2b8

yeah the lead in a billion dollar franchise film made $4 million. lmao

13 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 10:06:36ID: hsm0g4l

Shouldn’t this have a spoiler warning? This is going to ruin the movie for people who haven’t seen it

ID: hsmoee4

Can confirm. Fuck this shit

ID: hsmrh2x

do you expect the media to remain silent after a month of the film’s release

ID: hsmqm6d

The film has been out for a month

14 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 07:22:20ID: hslncfr

Why is Tom still being paid so little though? After 3 successful movies? I thought he’d be balling but he is only paid enough to buy a simple 1-2 bedroom apartment in HK

ID: hsm02ui

He’ll be making very little until they have to renegotiate his contract. That’s the Marvel way.

ID: hslosxe

Marvel made him star, not otherwise, Disney is greedy and doesn't want pay their superheroes that much unless it's RDJ

15 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 06:33:38ID: hsliy5f

They got screwed, do they not have agents? I would’ve asked for % of BO profits if you want me to participate in your spidey wet dream.

16 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 12:36:39ID: hsmdbqj

No spoiler alert?

17 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 15:12:08ID: hsmxhm4

I haven't watched the movie but...did they just combine 3 different spidermans in one movie and fight to the death? Or was it like some kind of Always Sunny Lethal Weapon mixup where the first 1/3 was toby maguire, middle was garfield, and the last 1/3 was tom holland???

ID: hsnkxih

I probably would’ve enjoyed the movie more if it were either one of those scenarios

18 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 15:20:36ID: hsmyrd7

3 spider men’s combined pay in No Way Home is still less than iron man’s cameo in Homecoming, a Spider-Man movie.

19 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 18:42:07ID: hsnu6ju

For those of you complaining about spoilers, the movie has been out for nearly a month.

ID: hsoov2u


20 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 19:05:29ID: hsnxo6c

Didn't the movie make like a billion dollars? Seems like they were all under payed

21 :Anonymous2022/01/15(Sat) 04:12:15ID: hsq2okl

They’re only in the movie for like 30 minutes....

ID: hsqe0xc

That's 29 minutes longer than I expected them to be.

22 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 07:55:11ID: hslq502

People really getting mad for spoilers or just trolling? Movies been out for weeks. There’s no way you didn’t know they were in it if you have internet.

23 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 06:38:02ID: hsljd8g

Lol spoiler for anyone who didn't see it yet. Sorry other people suck.

ID: hsnezw2

Hardly even a spoiler at this point. Shit became public knowledge before it was even publix knowledge.

24 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 06:59:37ID: hsllbbb

Thanks for the spoiler dude

25 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 07:35:48ID: hsloi0v

Spoiling goddamn asshole

26 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 06:15:44ID: hslh874

For more context, Robert Downey Jr got $15 million for less than 15 minutes of screentime, while Tobey and Andrew got $1 million for 30+ minutes of screentime. Either they have very bad agents, or maybe they just didn't care and did it for the additional exposure they would get from being in an MCU movie.

ID: hslitn0

Exposure seems like a strange word to use for these two of all people lol

ID: hsm00tt

Well the other issue was that RDJ had some star power which was used in the promotion of the movie. Everyone knew Ironman would be in it so he was part of the draw.

Tobey and Andrew on the other hand we’re secret parts of the plot… rumored to appear but not used in promotional materials.

27 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 06:40:48ID: hsljmiu

Lol RDj was pulling $50m

ID: hslxxkn

Really? Most I heard was $10M for a cameo

28 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 14:56:20ID: hsmv4wh

Actor that was in the movie more gets paid more, film at 11.

29 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 11:37:52ID: hsm7s0r

Thanks for the spoiler alert Ass-turds

ID: hsmc8r9

Its been out a month get over it.

30 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 05:58:43ID: hslfikd

Tobey knew how to get a contract.

ID: hslxvtz

And how to get kicked off of one lol just to almost get replaced by Quentin Beck

31 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 06:30:55ID: hslioo3

The ad said 5 million

34 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 07:24:46ID: hslnk0v
ID: hsn8av7

Aunt may dies

ID: hsn89vl

Who cares

36 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 06:35:05ID: hslj369

Idk but that kinda feels low

37 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 06:37:54ID: hsljcsi

I would've assumed all their salaries to be MUCH higher.

38 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 10:01:14ID: hsm01bs

Tom has a better agent

ID: hsomufy

Not really. He had a significantly longer screentime than the other two and also had to do Press tours, so it's natural he would have been payed more.

40 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 18:41:46ID: hsnu4nf

Black people and women looking like; yeah and?!?

ID: hso5ewh

Scarlet Johansson made 15 million for each of the latter avengers movies

Brie Larson made 5 million for Captain Marvel (her first mcu movie)

While we don’t know for sure yet, the rumor is that Anthony Mackie was paid 10 million for Captain America 4

Chadwick Boseman made 700k for his debut in Civil War, and 2 million for his first solo film

Tom Holland made 200k for his debut in civil war, and 2 million for his first solo movie

41 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 18:44:26ID: hsnujbk

Well Tom Holland was 4-5 million times better

42 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 12:34:35ID: hsmd449

I have tickets to go see this tonight. Thanks for the spoiler tag asshole

45 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 10:33:28ID: hsm2ime

I miss the part that's my problem

48 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 06:27:00ID: hslibix

Well, if they agreed to it why should this be anything worth reporting?

50 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 07:40:36ID: hslowpm

It’s their quote. Even if they do a bad job they still get paid 2 mil

51 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 08:36:00ID: hsltfif

Lower than expected but all in all Toby and Andrew didn’t have a huge time commitment as far as scenes go. Hopefully this brings them some cash later on. Or maybe they really wanted todo the role.

52 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 09:51:27ID: hslzage

Lies ain’t no way budget was roughly 200 mil they banked 600+ in first week no?

54 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 12:04:41ID: hsma6wx

Just watched it last night. Blown away by the acting from all 3 spideys, especially Garfield

55 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 12:24:16ID: hsmc2pv

Tobey Maguire makes people bark like seal for more money than that.

56 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 12:39:54ID: hsmdnrw

I hope they can afford their bills

59 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 13:13:21ID: hsmhbie

That’s it??? Holy shit they need to pay that boy more. This was a billion dollar movie. I expected him to get at least 15 million

60 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 13:34:50ID: hsmjxvj

Shouldn’t Tom have made like 100 million? Lol

61 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 13:49:23ID: hsmltl9

Crazy. Should be more. Considering the movie is doing so well majorly in part because of their return (and the others returning too of course)

62 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 13:50:22ID: hsmly72

Garfield was excellent in the surprisingly good Eyes of Tammy Faye. Check it out.

63 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 14:30:01ID: hsmrcbn

Source : dude trust me

64 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 14:41:37ID: hsmsyvw

Tom Holland probably the best spider man that ever existed, so I can see him bagging 4-5M’s

ID: hsnc4q5

He needed more than that. He got played

65 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 14:51:03ID: hsmucwg

They could have gone Dutch with the money.You get it? Holland! Dutch!(they take him away)

66 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 14:51:07ID: hsmud7y

Ridiculous news. Absolutely bull.

Tobey made more than that on the first Spidey in 2002. No way he came back after so long for 1M.

67 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 15:08:03ID: hsmwvp2

This made me look up the fact that Scarlett Johansson made $15-20 million from Black Widow. And she was named a producer of the film, and thus she’s getting a cut of all earnings as well.

ID: hso23nh

scarlet is an extremely established actress and was the lead. im sure robert downey gets an even heftier laycheck by far.

gal gadot got $300k for wonder woman. now that is being underpaid. tom holland should be compared to gal.

70 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 16:29:44ID: hsn9dlx

There’s no way Tom Holland got less than $25 million + backend profit.

73 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 16:44:43ID: hsnbq3t

Complete bullshit. Toms fee was agreed when he first signed up and he is on a residual/post earnings that will likely see him earn bonus on the 1B and then a tiny fraction of a % per year in the future. Andrew and Tobey were likely on a buyout but also signed something that means they could potentially appear in something else in the future. Which is highly unlikely but it’ll be covered in their contracts.

74 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 16:45:36ID: hsnbv15

Tom Holland got played.

75 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 16:46:18ID: hsnbyy3

I missed the part where this is news. Honestly actors/actresses need to come together and collectively bargain their earnings. Companies trying to dissuade people from talking about their wages are just trying to hide what they pay people(duh). I think this is mostly to avoid managers having awkward conversations/upsetting employees because Obviously someones going to get paid less in most cases and no one wants to be that person to be paid less or to reveal they make more than a coworker.

76 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 16:53:13ID: hsnd24e

I’m glad I watched Spider-Man this past Monday. The amount of spoilers everywhere…

77 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 16:59:05ID: hsndz1h

They get more money from box office returns.

79 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 17:19:51ID: hsnh8zs

Not buying it at all. Do these guys have access to the actor’s paychecks? No.

Did any of the actor’s publicists made a statement about their client’s pay? No.

Did the studio release the payroll data? No.

Speculation does not equal to news. Forbes also is hot garbage.

80 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 17:39:54ID: hsnkew9

Spoilers, guys. Geez.

81 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 17:45:49ID: hsnlcck

$1Mill?? That’s half a Crashmore!

83 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 17:56:26ID: hsnn1aa

There’s no way this is real, if I were tobey I’d have asked for RDJ money

84 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 17:56:34ID: hsnn206

Oh cool, that’s not a spoiler or anything.

85 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 17:58:15ID: hsnnbnf

I guess that's a Spoiler alert. Lol

86 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 17:58:59ID: hsnnfpy

Thanks for the spoilers, dick

88 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 18:19:28ID: hsnqp29

Either way a mil is too much for a single movie. Nonsense

89 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 18:31:30ID: hsnskgt

To be fair. Even if this is true. Tom is in the whole movie while they’re only in the second half which means he was on set waaaay more which means he should get payed for that time.

90 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 18:32:39ID: hsnsqp8

Yeah because Tom Holland is better

91 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 18:45:32ID: hsnup1z

This isn’t news

92 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 18:49:02ID: hsnv7a6

Well, I guess that spoils that for me.

93 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 19:13:42ID: hsnyxo3

What were the stunt men paid?

94 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 19:16:15ID: hsnzc2j

Poor rich white guys. My heart goes out.

96 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 19:23:55ID: hso0jce

That sounds fair to me

98 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 19:38:55ID: hso2v6w

The article also says Tobey made well over $120 Million for his Spider-Man movies compared to Garfield and Hollands ~$16 Million. Tobey is my Spider-Man.

99 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 19:54:43ID: hso5de6

I mean makes sense yeah? They are both in about 1/4 the movie right?

100 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 19:59:02ID: hso61ts

Side characters got paid less than main character. More at 6.

102 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 20:37:01ID: hsobycx

Guarantee this is wrong.

103 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 20:43:06ID: hsocx3i

“These actors should be paid more!” Nah son, the crew should get paid more. I don’t understand the affinity to throw millions at actors just because their faces made billions of dollars rather than the crew that worked their ass off to make it happen.

ID: hsoofhn

I agree but there is a reason paying actors more than the crew does make sense from the studios' prespective: they are harder to replace, especially in franchises where they're already established as the face of certain characters, so they can seriously fuck over a movie if they decide to leave over salary disagreements. Meanwhile the individual crew member can easily be replaced with someone less demanding and as such the only way they can get their voices heard is if they collectively decide to strike.

105 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 21:35:41ID: hsol3zx

I was pleasantly surprised to see both Tobey and Garfield in the movie. I had been hoping for that since marvel started in with the multiverse in the movies. It made me so happy to see all three actors who portrayed my favorite super hero on the big screen together.

106 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 22:01:43ID: hsop37a

Um, spoilers, I guess.

107 :Anonymous2022/01/15(Sat) 00:01:42ID: hsp6e37

This seems hella low for all of them lol

108 :Anonymous2022/01/15(Sat) 00:04:03ID: hsp6peg

I deadset thought tobey would of demanded more

109 :Anonymous2022/01/15(Sat) 01:25:17ID: hsphjcl

Ok. Spoiler. Jesus.

110 :Anonymous2022/01/15(Sat) 01:44:29ID: hspk2hd

So let’s just speculate on pay and create an article for buzz as if it was based in fact? Too many factors in contracts anyhow.

112 :Anonymous2022/01/15(Sat) 04:09:08ID: hsq2bmg

He’s the star of this franchise…ofc he’s gonna make more. Why is this being presented as news?

113 :Anonymous2022/01/15(Sat) 07:10:55ID: hsql265

I’m sure they are fine with it lol

114 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 05:45:19ID: hsle4ic

I only care about my coin everyone else can go to hell. 🙂

115 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 14:08:14ID: hsmoc1a

That’s a joke. The movie looked like it barely cost anything to produce and now it’s making billions. Just sad.

116 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 06:15:10ID: hslh684

That's just for showing up and acting

At this point they both know that the merch with their likeness is where the money is and any follow up movie

ID: hsllb05

There’s no merchandise with their likeness, it would spoil the film

117 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 06:23:41ID: hsli06n

That’s really nothing! Honestly - they both could have charged $5 and Tom should be getting at least $15

ID: hslrw9s

Maybe even twenty dollars.

118 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 06:31:56ID: hslis4l

OP is Tom Holland xD

119 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 06:34:53ID: hslj2h5

It’s a great pity that Toby Maguire was allowed make another movie

120 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 10:03:21ID: hsm072s

Oh no! I feel so bad he only got one million.

122 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 06:37:08ID: hslja52

Their source for their numbers mainly was called "celebrity net worth."

123 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 06:42:12ID: hsljr4e

Actors get paid more for each consecutive film which is why Tom Holland got paid more.

ID: hsly9ri

Still that’s comparatively low for what other actors get at this rate. That depends on a lot of other factors though

125 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 08:41:08ID: hsltu2a

Numbers kind of don’t make sense. Didn’t Tom earn 4-5 million for Far From Home? He didn’t even get a 1 million or so raise for No Way Home?

126 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 10:33:17ID: hsm2i3k

that’s not much more than i made for the film—and i’m not even in it!

127 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 11:24:01ID: hsm6l8k

sigh with my country in lockdown right when this movie came out I kinda knew this was gonna get spoiled to me. I was sure it was gonna be a YouTube thumbnail though so at least I’m being spoiled in a creative manner

128 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 12:02:37ID: hsm9zy2

Can we delete this? Undoubtedly untrue. Where are the mods lol. Imagine if this gets to r/all lol

129 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 12:10:50ID: hsmarya

Im suprised tom holland made 4 to 5 million. Gal gadot only made $300k for wonder woman. Though it feels like gal was grossly underpaid and tom holland paid right.

130 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 16:59:04ID: hsndyvt

Yup. You pay the best the most.

131 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 18:41:14ID: hsnu1ru

Garfield should be kissing the ground of the Spider-Man set. And maybe he is grateful. His movies were horrible so to get back the MCU and get paid is a true gift.

132 :Anonymous2022/01/14(Fri) 20:55:20ID: hsoeu7s


ID: hsoooar

The movie was released a month ago

134 :Anonymous2022/01/15(Sat) 05:20:59ID: hsqaeya

I would pay a lot of money to never have to hear the name “Tom Holland” again.